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When I’m wrong, I’m learning. When I’m in-between, I’m learning. And when I’m right, I’m learning…. But for learning and remembering something throughout our lives, it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.


The Manav Rachna group of schools were eagerly waiting for the colorful, vibrant vibes of the bundles of energy oozing vibrancy of positivity. School is that cradle where children find solace, quench the insatiable hunger of their curiosity, burgeon and bloom with excellence to barge into the challenging, complex world of competitions. Manav Rachna Mentors understand the eagerness of their students to study in a new classrooms with new books spilling out knowledge, hence they are armed with all possible richness of pedagogy to equip their pupils with best possible lessons of success.

Learning is a lifelong process. It never ceases. In the Ocean of knowledge, various rivers of intelligence meet and prosper to spread gleam in all their magnificence. Every river in its journey of transition accumulates in its heart, different and colorful flowers, fruits, fishes, stones, and branches that finally churn out fuels, pearls and gems of great value. This expedition of a river, exploring, transiting and quenching its quest to seek the desired destination is hence extremely important. Similarly, a learner journeys up and down the harsh and sweet musical notes of life accumulating knowledge through hands-on-experience. We cannot negate the importance of Classroom Teaching, but if we couple the same with experiential learning comprising Educational Tours, then the learning culminates in Excellence! Let us read what Manav Rachna International School’s highly seasoned mentor opine about the same.


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Research and experience have proved time and again that learners grasp and retain concepts much better and for a longer time when they are involved in an activity, as compared to listening to a lecture about the same. One of the various methods that teachers use to teach their students, is by taking them on educational tours. Educational tours play a crucial role in providing knowledge that cannot be acquired in the traditional classroom setting. These trips are important for imparting knowledge in students in an engaging and practical way. Schools that incorporate educational excursions into the curriculum enable the students to enjoy the thrill of exploration along with the learning opportunity. Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, Faridabad is one such school which focuses on the all-around development of its students and leaves no stone unturned to facilitate the same. Regular educational trips are a part of the curriculum which are welcome breaks that all students look forward to.

Educational tours are sources of inspiration and motivation, encouraging students to pursue their academic and professional goals. Our school takes field trips abroad or to significant historical and geographical locations, such as museums, historical sites, ecological parks, planetariums, etc. These trips help them acquire first-hand experience of what they read in their textbooks which makes it all the more comprehensible and believable to them. They get an opportunity to explore such places that they may not otherwise visit. A trip to such destinations where there is a qualified guide to provide hands-on instruction to them is something which they look forward to. This is Experiential Learning. One such trip was to Batra Hospital and Research Centre, Saket that was organised on 1st September, 2022, by Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, for the medical stream students of grades XI and XII. The purpose of the visit was to introduce them to the internal environment of the medical and allied sciences enlightening them on the Oncology labs and other departments. After listening to the experiences of the students of my Class, I could gauge it well that the trip was like living a dream for the aspiring doctors. Till then, they might have visited hospitals for some or the other reason, but this tour of the hospital with their classmates and Biology mentor under the guidance of a hospital professional enabled them to experience and understand verythingfrom a doctor’s point of view. They got immense clarity about their dream profession when they interacted with the hospital staff and, observed closely how much responsibilities are shouldered by the doctors to prove themselves worth the faith invested in them by their patients. Such kind of trips initiated by the school are yet another testimony that Manav Rachna International School is one of the best schools not only in Faridabad but in the entire Delhi NCR region.

These learning tours serve as a means of fun and recreation, acting as a stress buster for students. Breaking away from the routine provides students with refreshment that may help them refocus on their studies. Both fun and learning go hand in hand on these trips. However, the favourite memories of the students are the moments of fun shared with their friends which strengthens the bonds they share. From the beginning to the end of the trip, the memories of all the moments are embedded in the minds of the students forever. Visiting new places also enables them to meet and interact with new people.

Educational tours in the form of adventure camps are not only a means of fun and recreation but also an effective eye-opener to students’ fitness levels. In an endeavour to fulfil the above mentioned goals, the students of grades VI &VII of Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, went on an educational trip to Sariska from Oct 9 to Oct 11, 2022. It was delightful to see the excitement of the students for the Edu-trip. During this trip the students were under constant care of their teachers. They enjoyed camping and indulged in adventure sports like zip line, trekking, high rope course, hangman, air hoopie, rock climbing etc. One could see the adrenaline rush when students were engaged in different adventurous activities. Teachers also participated along with students, and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Another such adventurous excursion to Jim Corbett was planned for the students of grades XI & XII on the same dates. Being a part of the trip, I witnessed the sheer fun, thrill and learning which the students experienced on this trip. It was so pleasing to see the students walk through the roads of happiness with their friends. They were presented with rigorous challenges to test their physical fitness and spirit of adventure. They were inspired by each other to give their best to accomplish the goals presented before them. Some of the activities were conducted in teams which enthused them with team spirit. Such activities indeed help in building tolerance and patience, the key ingredients required in creating a balanced human being thereby meeting the purpose of education imparted by Manav Rachna Institutions, the creation of ideal human beings who will prove a blessing for the society. That is what makes Manav Rachna stand apart from the rest.

Educational tours provide students with the opportunity to explore new environments, cultures, and communities. This exposure helps broaden their perspectives and fosters a deeper appreciation for diversity. It also provides an opportunity for students to develop empathy for people who may have different backgrounds or experiences than their own. This enables the students to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Educational tours are not only a source of fun and recreation but also provide a means social and emotional development for students. By working  in groups, they develop social skills, and independent thinking skills while being away from their families and familiar surroundings. To sensitize students to the problems faced by people from various strata in society, the Interact Club of Manav Rachna International School, Charnwood organizes visits to old age homes, NGOs supporting the underprivileged children, and government schools. Some of the places they visited include the NGOs, Anubhav, Ek Ehsaas and Prabhat, an Awakening, and the  government School in Mohna village. During these visits, students interact with the residents and underprivileged students, witness and understand the problems they face and try to support them in the best possible way. They spend time with the elderly, which brings smiles on their faces, teach the underprivileged children, and share resources like notebooks, stationery etc. It gives them an opportunity to learn about and interact with people from different backgrounds, promoting empathy and understanding. Such steps are a big leap towards creating an ideal society where citizens cares for the other selflessly. This initiative by Manav Rachna International School, the best CBSE school in Faridabad, is commendable and inspiring for others. All this is not possible within the confines of a classroom.

Additionally, educational trips provide students with an opportunity to be empathetic and think critically about the subjects they study. By observing and analysing real-world situations, their critical and analytical skills are enhanced, and they develop problem-solving capacity, which they will need to succeed in their future careers. Therefore, educational trips give students a deeper understanding of the world around them, making them ready to face and overcome obstacles in their professional careers.

In conclusion, educational trips have various educational benefits for students, including  a deeper understanding of the world, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving capacity.  The value of taking children outside of the classroom to engage with, learn from, and be immersed in educational excursions has various educational benefits for the students. Every school should provide this opportunity to its students to enhance their holistic development, as exemplified by Manav Rachna International School.

Ideas & Views:  Ms. Neelam Singh, PGT English, MRIS Charmwood. Faridabad.