Limit Your Social Circle:

It seems very tempting to meet friends and go out to play during extended break or summer vacations but we should avoid planning trips for recreation seeing the current outcome in and around the world. Avoid handshake, hug or close sitting. Rather maintain a distance of 2 feet to avoid any consequences.

Study Online:

Attend your classes to be updated with your syllabus and learning. Get involved in the task given by your teachers and completion of it. Read your textbooks and prepare your notes to revise the topics covered in your online sessions.

Helping Each Other:

This is the time to connect with your family by helping each other in daily chores. Sitting at home watching programmes which are helpful and provide knowledge. Participation in various home chore activity will bring the bond of love and togetherness.

Doing Exercise and Eating Nutritious Food:

At home , do yoga and various stretching exercises to bring relaxation to your mind and body and eating healthy food ,cooking and serving for others is another way of bringing happiness .

Stay Connected:

You can meet your friends and family through online apps. All your relatives and friends can connect and through video calling you can chat and share your feelings. You can even share about the TV show you are watching these days. Talk to your grandparents about Mythological serial that are aired on TV these days.

Reading Online “Book Club”:

You can create an online book club wherein you and your friends can read and share about various books to enrich your vocabulary and reading skills.

Create Your Timeline:

No matter you are not going to school these days but set your timeline about your studying schedule, watching TV, reading books or newspaper etc. Practice some skills like painting, dancing which makes you happy.

Bring Positivity in Your Life:

If we will have negative thought that I might get Covid 19 or I will fall sick replace these thoughts by saying I will stay healthy by practicing good prevention habits.

Prevention is Better than Cure-

In this pandemic situation take necessary precautions like washing hands for 20 seconds , covering your face with mask, using gloves and maintaining social distance.

Conclusion-The above mentioned tips for students during Covid 19 pandemic will keep you safe and occupied so that you remain fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Together we can make a difference to fight against the current scenario.

Written By:- Ms. Amulya Gupta, English Lead Teacher, Primary Wing, MRIS Charmwood