The most important idea of finding alternative activities is to slowly take kids off the screen and shift them towards something that will build their creativity. So to do this, first identify what the child is inclined towards and use them as alternatives to screen time! Use their interests positively and get them engaged without screens.

Here are Some Ideas to Break your Child’s Mobile Addiction

Encourage Hobbies: Hobbies help take children off screens. “Pick up activities like painting, puzzles, drawing, dancing, etc. If your child takes up reading, then provide them new books every week, and place rewards for completing each book.

Reading Together: Reading together is a wonderful activity, as its benefits are many. It helps build vocabulary, develop reading and writing skills, and so on.

Work First: If kids have homework, reading, house work to do, make sure they do it before they get on the mobile device.

Spend Time for Games: “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body.” So engage kids in outdoor activities like skating, basketball, badminton etc. Indoor games like carom board, chess, etc help build coordination skills, decision making skills etc.

Engage your Child in Household Chores: Engage your little one to assist you in household chores will help in teaching about cleanliness, discipline, time management, and most importantly how to look after oneself.

Family Fun Time: Spend your weekends doing fun family activities. It’s seen that most kids enjoy engaging with nature. So sowing seeds, watering plants or going on a nature walk will work great! Have fun being active together and your kids will get into healthy habits.

Set a Good Example to Follow: “Our children follow us. If we decrease the use of screens in front of them, their use will also decrease”

Adverse Effects of Using a Mobile Phone

Here is the list of the mobile phones side effects in children:

  • Behavioural problems
  • Addiction to the gadget
  • Depression
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Obesity
  • Attention and hearing issues
  • Problems of the nervous system

Technology and mobile phones are an integral part of our lives today. We cannot avoid them. Yet, we need to find non-digital ways to keep children physically active, develop their motor skills, stimulate all their senses, and nurture their social and intellectual skills — all necessary for growing a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Written By :- Ms. Geeta Kamra, Primary Wing Teacher, MRIS, Charmwood