The Fitness Mantra: Building Lifelong Fitness Habits Through School Sports

Physical fitness isn’t merely a juncture of life; it is a persistent commitment that accords to overall well-being. It doesn’t just transform the body but also the mind and spirit, and stimulates a balanced and congruous existence.

Healthy lifestyle that is supported by good physical fitness stands at the foundation of life. Introducing individuals to fitness at a young age is crucial, as it not only offers benefits but also lays a foundation for lifelong health. A powerful avenue for accomplishing this is through School Sports Programs practiced in the top schools in India.  Manav Rachna International School, a CBSE affiliated school, is a school that pursues multidimensional development of the students via sports.

Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, provides a platform for an all-round education and takes the extra mile to understand the prevailing need for physical fitness in the lives of its students. In contrast to that, the school’s strategy concerning sports is not just games and training, but the promotion of values that contribute to fitness and often healthy living style. MRIS holds the vision that a quality education involves the components of physical education and sports activities beyond the four classroom walls.

Physical exercises should not be looked at as a single feat but rather a lifestyle choice.  Manav Rachna, a renowned international school in Faridabad, considers physical education as a significant aspect that should integrate into a student’s routine. The school ensures that students are provided with an abundance of sports and physical activities so that they can acquire the advantages associated with an active lifestyle from their early life.

At MRIS, the students have an incredible variety of choices in sporting fields. The school provides its students with a multifaceted sports palette with both mainstream fields, such as cricket and football, and niche options like chess and yoga.This heterogeneity empowers students to traverse and uncover their ardor for sports, ensuring that they remain engaged and enthusiastic about physical training.

The predominant goal of school sports is to help students recognize their love for physical activity. MRIS’s outlook is to make sports exciting, exhilarating and attainable for all students, whether they are burgeoning athletes or just looking for a leisure way to stay agile. By engaging learners of the top schools in Faridabad into various sports, they can find what reverberates with them and evolve a lifelong endearment for it.

We place substantial insistence on the life skills that can be earned through sports, particularly teamwork. Team sports, like basketball and football edify students how to fraternize, communicate, and work towards a common goal. These skills augment far beyond the sports field and are indispensable in real-life situations.

Harmonizing schooling and gaming takes self-control and time budgeting skillfully. Learners of the international school in Faridabad discover how they may organize their studies, drills and other activities, a skill that will grow in importance as they proceed beyond their current training to higher education, and then to their careers.

MRIS students are taught to seize the challenges as opportunities for growth. Learning to rebound from failures and overcome obstacles ingrains resilience and perseverance, characteristics that are essential for triumph in any venture.

Moreover, the conviviality conceived on the turf often leads to lifelong friendships. Students who share fervor for sports are more likely to stay agile and engage in physical activities with their friends, creating a support system that emboldens a wholesome lifestyle. In the world of sports, just as life, these friendships act as a crucial support network, reinforcing the values of resilience and perseverance, characteristics that are essential for triumph in any venture.

Partaking in school sports nurtures an appreciation for an invigorating lifestyle. Students learn the significance of nutrition, rest, and injury aversion, which can modify their choices as adults. They are more likely to make informed resolutions about their health, avoiding habits that can lead to obesity and chronic ailments.

The lessons learned through school sports extend well into adulthood. The values, aptitudes, and attitude gained as a member of school teams become strong bases for post-school fitness and well-being. Former sportsmen in MRIS usually keep the gift of their sports with them in their work and home.

Manav Rachna International School’s sporting approach is immensely exceptional. Along with the wide spectrum of development among its students, the school understands that fitness is the main pillar for such evolution.

MRIS, top CBSE-affiliated school, cultivates sports culture in which every student can feel inspired to take the part of his or her skill level. This perspective can be applied to all the sports implying the sense of unification, belonging, integration and the feeling of togetherness among students.

Our institution is well-endowed with up-to-the-minute sports facilities that house numerous sport allocations and activities. Ranging from impeccably designed sports fields to modern gymnasiums to stadiums, MRIS ensures all the essential infrastructure is available for nurturing talented athletes and promotion of physical fitness.

Additionally, MRIS takes pride in its team of experienced and dedicated coaches. These coaches not only pass the technical skills but also the values like sportsmanship, discipline, and respect for opponents.

The CBSE school in Faridabad runs a balanced curriculum which bridges academics with sports spectacularly. They provide students with an avenue to participate in inter-school, regional, and national level contests to aspire to showcase their skills and meet new people along the way. Students are advised to engage in sporting activities besides their academic studies as a result of which they attain an overall learning experience.

The school recognizes that through sports it is possible to have strong impacts on character development. The school’s approach goes beyond skill development to focus on building resilient, empathetic, and responsible individuals.

The imprint of MRIS ‘applied approach to the sports in its students is very deep. The athletes always have with them the lessons and the values of sports that are carried into their adulthood. Thus they become versatile individuals who excel not only academically but also in terms of physical and emotional resilience. A number of them turn into sports players and fitness fanatics who at least partly attribute their passion for fitness to the school, which was the very initial stage of their movement towards athleticism. They are aware that such a lifestyle is the most effective way to take good care of themselves and stay fit and healthy. Strategic planning and effective time management skills, two lessons learned from school teams, usually lead to a successful study or a promising career for these kids. They possess these qualities to face difficulties, to work cooperatively, and to persist even in the most difficult times. They may be inclined to follow a healthy lifestyle routine consisting of proper food selection, physical workouts, and abstaining from unwholesome acts. Thus, it is frequently witnessed that the likelihood of a healthy lifestyle in their later phase of life is significantly reduced.

Building persistence into fitness routines through sports involvement in Manav Rachna International School epitomizes the comprehensive character of educational practices at the school. To the school, sports are not only about getting medals but also about fostering healthy, tough, and wise individuals. Sports activities in MRIS, besides providing physical education, develop such life long lessons, values, and habits that lead to healthy lives of mind and body. As other institutions look to promote comprehensive development, they can draw inspiration from MRIS’s approach to school sports, ensuring that future generations reap the rewards of a healthier and more active life.



Authored by: Mr. Manoj Kumar, PGT Physical Education, MRIS Charmwood.