School Sports: Platform of Unsung Heroes

School Sports: Platform of Unsung Heroes

School Sports: Platform of Unsung Heroes

School Sports: Platform of Unsung Heroes

School Sports: Platform of Unsung Heroes

Behind the Scenes: Heroes of School Sports

“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary”-Gerard Way.

India has a history of sports dating back to thousands of years. In India, Sports Day is celebrated on 29 August every year to celebrate hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand Singh on his birth anniversary.

Many athletes have contributed in shaping our society and also motivate and encourage the young generations to excel in sports. India has made its mark by winning the Hockey World Cup and Cricket World Cup to name a few, not to forget the Olympic medals to India’s tally. These achievements bring a brighter vision for future generations who passionately follow sports and rigorously practice for it.

Furthermore, the top schools in India understand the significance of sports and are willing to give it the same importance as academics. These schools recognize that sports activities offer invaluable life lessons like discipline, respect, leadership, friendship, teamwork and overcoming challenges.

Consequently, Manav Rachna International School, Sec-51 Gurugram, the best school in Gurugram, actively promotes and prioritizes sports, integrating it into their timetables, as it plays a pivotal role in the holistic growth and development of students. This commitment to sports in education further reinforces the nation’s dedication to fostering a new generation of individuals who not only excel academically but also carry the values and skills instilled through sports into their future endeavors. A school that caters to students’ physical abilities and development and promotes sportsmanship is a good school indeed.

Sports Day is a significant event for schools and it is not merely a day of fun and frolic. The schools organize Sports Day to provide a platform to all the students to play in different sports and demonstrate their zeal and enthusiasm for the game. Students perform with extraordinary vitality in the sports they are passionate about, for them the sports day is not just a day, it is a day to showcase their talent. Sports day also helps them to improve their physical health and gives them the mental energy to cope with academic pressure in a focused manner. Sports Day also teaches the value of physical fitness to the students and encourages them to engage in physical activity regularly. They understand the importance of good health and in today’s world where the students are glued to the electronic devices, Sports Day serves as a reminder that a sedentary lifestyle is not good and physical fitness is vital for a student.

The key skills that are nurtured by the top CBSE schools in India during Sports Day are teamwork and collaboration. Students along with their coaches work together in teams and realize the importance of working collaboratively towards the common goal of winning, no matter what. They do not point out the individual weaknesses rather work as a team and support each other to reach their goals.  It would not be wrong to say that these skills are later transferred to other domains like learning in class, group projects etc.

The most important role of participating in sports activities today is giving students a taste of the competition but in a healthy manner. In a few years, as these students prepare to enter a highly competitive real world, they grasp the significance of thriving in such an environment and, in the process, develop an appreciation for both the victorious and the resilient spirits of those who face defeat. They learn that fair play, ethics, and mutual respect are more important than winning a trophy. The Sports Day marks the writing of students’ characters by their own actions. Students work for months, train dedicatedly despite all the challenges and understand that success is not the result of one day’s effort, rather it is the sweet dish made with consistent hard work with a passion to excel and a disciplined outlook.

Sports Day in top CBSE affiliated schools also helps students to gain self-confidence and self- esteem.  We can all concur that each child possesses distinct strengths and talents. During this unique occasion, students who aim to excel in sports are given the chance to showcase their abilities and achievements, thereby nurturing a feeling of unity with their fellow students and reveling in the affection and recognition they receive. This enables them to form new friendships and cultivate a sense of belonging within the school community. I have witnessed this in my school years that a few students who struggled academically waited eagerly for Sports Day and they soaked their souls in the applause they received during that time. Overall, Sports Day is a stress buster and a break from the academic pressure and a time to relax and enjoy.

Few schools also take Sports Day as an opportunity to identify the budding sportspersons and train them further so that they can represent their state and later our country.  Sports Activities at the best schools in Gurugram often encourage parental involvement and there are events planned for the parents to enjoy and participate with their child encouraging the forming of indestructible bonds. Parent-school partnership is strengthened by this event. This is the kind of event where the entire school community comes together and works in unison.  The unsung heroes behind the success of Sports Day are driven by a sense of purpose, compassion, and a desire to create positive change. They are not the ones who want to be the centre of attention, these are the ones who silently perform their role and rather go overboard in their key responsibilities to further enhance the accomplishment of the entire Sports Day.

The unsung heroes of a thrilling sports event are the individuals whose dedication, commitment and hard work is often not noticed. The school administration, teachers, coaches, athletic trainers, scorekeepers, even the cleaning staff form the backbone of any successful sports event.

The teachers and coaches in the best international schools like MRIS, not only impart knowledge and skills to perform on Sports Day but they also serve as a role model by playing and showing how sports is important for overall wel-lbeing.  The teachers and coaches are instrumental in organizing and conducting Sports Day. They are the ones who prepare the schedule, decide the activities and races and also ensure that students are well prepared for the competitions. The coaches and athletic trainers give required training to the students and help them excel in their fields of interest. The teachers motivate the students to participate and supervise the entire event and provide assistance at every step.

The sports day is not just an event for students, it is also the arena of multitasking by teachers who demonstrate a never giving up spirit and organize the event with dedication and commitment. Teachers and coaches spend countless hours training and motivating the students. They are also known as the unsung heroes in our society who work tirelessly to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and how to handle pressure and defeat.

Most of the schools in India including Manav Rachna International Schools have started the policy of 100 percent participation so it’s the teachers’ job to see that each child participates in something or the other based on his/her specific interests. They at times also counsel the child and help him/her to find out his/her area of interest.

Not to forget the parents and supporters who cheer and encourage the students participating in different sports, they are the first teachers and coaches of the students who teach them to get up after every fall and never give up. They allow their wards to choose sports understanding the value it imparts.

These heroes that also include the volunteers meticulously plan and execute every detail, from scheduling the events to ensuring a safe and fun atmosphere. Groundskeepers, maintenance staff and the cleaning staff ensure that the fields, tracks and sports equipment are all in good condition. The doctors and nurses ensure the well- being of the participants and provide assistance in case of injuries. A team of doctors and at times an ambulance is also kept at standby to handle any unforeseen situation.

The event also gives a platform to budding photographers and event organizers. Like in Manav Rachna International School, we have Media Shala- a team of students who capture the moments of Sports Day, creating memories and documenting the events for schools’ magazines or newspaper publications. At times, school alumni also come to cheer the students and grace the occasion as chief guest which inspires the young sportspersons to continue chasing their dream with zeal.

The best international schools in Gurugram celeberate Sports day as a collaborative effort that involves various stakeholders within the school community, including school administration, teachers, coaches, volunteers, ground staff.  Sports Day is not just about physical activity; it plays a very important role in the holistic development of students which also includes character building. It is a celebration of teamwork, discipline, perseverance and sports as well as school spirit.  It enriches the overall experience a child gets at school and it is the combined effort of people –teachers, coaches, instructors, ground staff who do not get the limelight but run the entire show with perfection. It is the collective efforts of these unsung heroes who work behind the curtain and ensure that the entire event is executed to perfection-ensuring that every student learns something or the other from this event.  For few students, Sports Day also serves as a game changer for choosing their life goals and for few it teaches them the value of persistent and disciplined effort but for everyone it teaches them the value of physical fitness and embracing both victories and defeats gracefully. It also helps the students to appreciate the uniqueness in every individual aligning with the motto of our country- unity in diversity.



Author: Ms. Tanu Arora, PRT-English, MRIS 51, Gurugram