The first exposure of a child after being at home for a couple of years begins at his/her first school which may be a play school or regular school. As a parent, schooling is one of the early and very important decisions to make for our child. Not only does this involve a lot of effort but a lot of time and money!!

Being a working mother, constraints are even more.

We relocated from Manchester, UK in 2015 but I moved along with my 3 yr 6 months old daughter earlier than my husband due to my work here in India. Before I could start with work, I had to first get my daughter to a school so that she could be engaged. I visited a couple of schools the names of which I do not want to mention but at that point in time I found only MRIS comparable to the schools in UK as I had been to schools here. I found educational style being more practical than theoretical.

So, it was a no brainer for me to get my daughter admitted in MRIS-14, being closest to my house. I took an independent decision without involving any one about her schooling.

Post admission, I heard lots of comments on the so-called wrong decision that many people said I had made. But I really never felt it was wrong.

Fast forward, when school started my daughter was never reluctant to go to school, despite never having been to a play school. MRIS has been her very first school. She gradually developed a very close connection with her teachers and this was amazing for me to see. I found her pumped up by her teachers really well. Now she is in Grade -III but precisely, I have always found her so connected with all her teachers that I am surprised how the teachers can work so hard to keep up to expectations of each child individually.

Keeping up with the difficulties of present day scenario, I appreciate how within a very short span of time, MRIS introduced Microsoft Teams to all the parents & teachers. The staff got quickly aligned with the software and its nitty-gritty. Within no time, children are able to attend regular classes and learn while being home. This is a leap forward by the management and teaching staff in the times of crisis. They have proved their capabilities beyond doubt in such unprecedented times.

The world is looking for a future full of children who can create, innovate and change the world. I personally feel that doesn’t happen with forced study. One has to be open-minded to figure out what it is that you can be best at.
This is what I feel MRIS helps us parents to find out for our child…
That’s very difficult stuff…
People spend their whole life not knowing this.

I would be really thankful if only this one thing could be sorted by the time my child finishes school.

I trust MRIS for this…
MRIS has proved its efficiency and capability to keep up to the promises of its children.


—–Ms. Kaul parent of Radhika Kaul of Grade 3, (South Pole)