A strong immune system should always be a priority and now with the pandemic spreading its fangs across the globe, it is all the more important now. Our food, which is cheap, easily available and can help boost immunity, is AMLA. Amla, also known as Indian gooseberries, helps boost immunity and keep diseases at bay

Benefits of Eating Amla

Rich in Antioxidants– Amla has various antioxidants that can help neutralize the free radicals and thus save us from many diseases.
Chromium in Amla– Amla has chromium that can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. As we know that the heart is another vital organ that can get affected by the COVID 19 virus, so it is best to have a heart-healthy diet.
Can help burn fat– Amla can help achieve a healthy BMI by aiding weight loss. The fiber in Amla keeps one fuller for longer and improves the digestion.
Helps relieve symptoms of cold and cough – We all know COVID 19 is a respiratory infection and thus, it is important to strengthen the respiratory system.
Other benefits– High in digestive fiber, Improves eyesight, Purifies blood, Strengthens bones, Reduces the risk of cancer, and Prevents constipation.

How To Consume?

It can be consumed as juice, dry powder, dry candy, green vegetable, chutney, and consumption of fresh juice of Amla is considered good and more beneficial if consumed empty stomach in the morning.

Written by:- Ms. Pallavi Kapoor, MRIS-14 CREST Teacher (M.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics, M.Ed)