This is the story of a time
When The Earth was divided into two
It was when the Universe
Had just begun
And this planet was very new.
On one half lived a pretty girl
Nature was her name
She was the tree, the mountain
The water, as well as the fiery flame.
Each day she made the world prettier
And made the Earth clean
By taking in carbon dioxide
And giving out oxygen
She even kept the Earth green.
On the other, half-lived technology
A powerful man
Making life easier and advanced was his game plan.
He was the light and the fan
The computer and the phone too.
And as each say passed
He consisted of inventions new
But there was a problem
In both the worlds
Both consisted of a flaw
The people were not satisfied living there
Both of them in their worlds saw.
Thus, they planned to meet
To see what they could do
And both met soon
In a place called Timbaktoo.
The place drastically changed
The day they both met
Then came the wheels to soothe man’s heels
Fire was discovered and man learned to cook his meals.
Then came the car and took him fast and far.
Ships sailed on the sea
And Airplanes flew like a bee.
Rockets zoomed to the moon
And man learned so much so soon.
With electricity each house shone
Communication was made easy by telephone.
Now we live much longer
Thanks to medical science.
Technology invented new things
Even Nature found species new
Earth became a better place to live
And it was too good to be true.

Written by:- Rida Arora – Grade VI