Teaching students how to deal with everyday situations

Participating in hands-on activities teaches us many things in a simple way. Our school MRIS Charmwood has many such initiatives that are fun and educative at the same time. One such initiative is the Annual Project, where we make posters, do interesting activities and learn about problems faced by people with respect to plastic pollution and sanitation.

Soft Skills is another area where we learn about road safety, rules while driving. Once we also wrote an imaginary letter to a police officer regarding road accidents and making strict rules for road safety. In the same class, we had a discussion on “Stranger danger” where we learned how to tackle a situation if a stranger tries to harm us.

In Makershala, we learn about electricity generation and its uses. We learned new things related to photosynthesis and also did amazing activities. We made mini models of daredevil roller coasters as well. 

All these classes give us practical learning that we can use in our daily lives and this knowledge and experience make us more confident. These empower us to be better prepared for greater challenges that we might face later in life.

Written By:-  Adya Gupta- student of Grade V (Alfred Nobel) at MRIS Charmwood

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