Let us be the master of our lives

Multitasking is an efficient way to get many things done simultaneously, think again!

Studies have shown that multitasking may have adverse effects on our mental health. According to a neuroscientist, Earl Miller, our brains aren’t wired this way.

“People think they are multitasking but they are actually switching from one task to another very rapidly and performing each one less effectively.” Attempts to multitasking have found to release stress hormone cortisol, and fight and flight hormone adrenaline leaving us exhausted, anxious and exasperated. It may lead to depression and we may face bouts of anxiety and the fear of unknown.

Indeed, overuse of phones, laptops, social media, and internet has aggravated the situation and is considered to be the cause of the majority of mental health problems in adults and children. Different things keep happening in our lives but we need to focus on one task at hand then switch over to the next. Keeping our lives simple is the mantra to a happy and peaceful life.

We all can beat it, slow down, focus on one task at a time, take regular breaks. Limit the use of phone and internet. Leave the computer at lunchtime. Make it a rule to keep the phone away when you are spending quality time with your friends and family. Leave the phones in another room before going to sleep. Do not use phones and internet before going to sleep as it overstimulates your brain and prevents you from having a good sleep.

Let’s bring small alterations to our daily routine and be the masters of our lives rather than be the slaves to technology.

Written By:-  Ms. Sunita Singh, MRIS-Charmwood

2019-09-23T11:44:36+05:30September 23rd, 2019|Blog|