The Wisdom Voyage Series- Episode 5

Dream Beyond Borders: A Roadmap to Manav Rachna International School

A school is not a mirror but a lens that fine-tunes the foci of inner light and transmits it to the wide world outside.  Recognized amongst the best schools in India, Manav Rachna International School, Sector 14, that is not a mere tangible brick-and-mortar building but a living, breathing, and feeling microcosm. Education is an adventurous voyage here not just a destination, where the students set sail to experience a plethora of learning opportunities.

The school believes in the philosophy of ‘Vidyantriksha’ the tree of knowledge personified. The roots of the school are steeped in core values at the same time pushing out novel shoots for Avant-garde advancement. The institution is thus a melting pot where students from different walks of life experience unbeatable academic training, a solicitous community that forges lifelong bonds.

A CBSE-affiliated school in Sector 14, Manav Rachna International School, leads the way in an eclectic approach to education that is reinforced by a strong cultural foundation, providing a special chance for children to develop and learn alongside one another. The institute provides exceptional attention to all individuals through its competency-based pedagogy. The key is to develop their skills, confidence, and make them independent to accomplish life aspirations.

A wide spectrum of students are supported by the extensive and varied approach to learning offered by Manav Rachna International School. Specialized in providing a personalized ambience for students, helping learners to form a mesh with intellectual pursuits, fostering a spirit of belongingness, augmenting confidence, and seeking to strengthen values. The school’s diverse community produces tenacious, compassionate, and adept learners who aspire to lead a life of significance.

The top school in Faridabad, Manav Rachna International School, adheres to key principles that provide a customized foundation to address each person’s unique needs.

This approach not only empowers every student to excel but also fosters their unique personal interests and passions. Hence, the environment is conducive to each student’s guided growth.  Students imbibe significant principles of righteousness, trust, teamwork, and optimistic outlook. This makes them forge deeper connections from the grassroots level. By adapting to adversity they are fashioned into resilient global citizens who are well-adapted and adapt to be the building blocks of a progressive society.

The experiential learning strategies allow students to let their past mistakes be a stepping stone and embrace new experiences. The school understands the need that it is imperative for students to cultivate a mindset of respect and support towards each other. They must value the distinct skills, talents, and perspectives that contribute to their families, peer groups, classes, and society at large. The outcome of this practice is that students develop confidence, seize opportunities, build resilience, and exhibit strong leadership qualities.

Thus, at the moment, Manav Rachna International School, which is known amongst the best schools in India, provides a unique and budding community for diverse learners within a safe and welcoming environment to support their academic learning, social development, and psychologically unrelenting mindset.  Continuous self-assessment and a student-centric approach pushes the school toward conscious progress.

We strive to employ our students in learning through the pliable learner-centered and challenging curriculum, where students indulge in Socratic Dialogues, Research, Infer, and have a sense of discovery. The methodologies provide opportunities for them to develop their confidence and self-esteem, to think creatively and take risks, to work independently and collaboratively, and to foster respect for each other’s ideologies.

Students take an active part in: sports and have garnered many medals at State, National as well as International levels, Art and Theater Competitions, and Intellectual and Leadership events like MUN. The institute also supports the learning of foreign languages to up-skill the students, and offers Spanish and French. Students won many accolades in this arena too, for example, DELF a certification administered by France Education International for the Ministry of Education of France. This not only stands as testimony to the institution’s ceaseless efforts towards excellence, but also proves that the right mentorship can pave the way for a resplendent future. Not only have these students imbibed through practical field trips that are Local, National and also organized at the International level.

The groundwork of the school’s curriculum is to lay a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will brace them for their future, beyond any tangible or intangible borders. The best international school in Faridabad, Manav Rachna International School, goes above and beyond to offer individualized instruction that enhances the individual’s distinctive style of learning and removes obstacles to academic achievement, allowing each student to reach maximum achievement and shine like early rising stars in the sky.

The school also offers education to children with ‘Special Education Needs’ through a curriculum tailored to suit their needs. These fledglings may also have associated needs in the areas of emotional, social, and interaction development and/or psychological or mental health difficulties. In addition, students may have sensory or physical/motor difficulties. The school ensures that each one reaps the fruit of the mainstream curriculum which is why even SEN students too have the provision to have full access to the same. The school has a structured curriculum and high levels of targeted intervention and differentiation throughout the academic calendar year. The students work broadly at age-related levels of attainment and certainly, they will gain a range of qualifications, including vocational qualifications.

The goal is to enhance the possibilities available. The institute identifies and nurtures each innate talent so that they savor success, develop confidence, and make a niche in this wide world. The school provides students with opportunities to not only learn or develop skills but also to understand their toils and troubles. This helps them to fortify themselves through all stages of life. Working collaboratively with parents and stakeholders, and ensuring positive outcomes are important key factors for the admissions that are burgeoning each year. The school is growing exponentially both quantitatively and qualitatively following the dictum to constantly reshaping, refashioning, and aligning to novel pathways, and newer avenues.

Students from Manav Rachna International School seek to and receive acceptance into numerous professional institutions of higher learning, and colleges and universities.  Each student enters the portals of the school with a rare perspective, set of goals, and experiences that carve their trail. The school assists the parents and students in evaluating their planned trajectory with psychometric assessments, and career guidance done through workshops, seminars, and educational fairs. Individualized counseling is provided for every student, catering to their unique needs and goals. Every year, students achieve admissions to prestigious universities and colleges in both India and overseas. The school has grown leaps and bounds. Our alumni hold a special place in our heart and have become crowning jewels. A proud award-winning school, with outstanding faculty and staff, with constant support of committed parents, comprises a dedicated team.


Grounded in a vision that prioritizes inclusivity and excellence, MRIS serves as a guiding light of opportunity for students globally, equipping them with the resources and support required to pursue their aspirations without constraints. The institution’s steadfast commitment, exceptional educators, and devoted parents collaboratively cultivate a vibrant, nurturing educational atmosphere that goes beyond geographical limits, offering an expansive future to all who join its community. Thus, it can be opined that the institution has stepped into a new era of evolution germinating from a vision and blossoming into a fragrant evergreen, spreading its fragrance beyond borders through its students, the best ambassadors.

Authored by: Ms. Aprajita, PGT (English), MRIS-14, Faridabad