Arduous  Apotheosis: Success Brewed

 Arduous  Apotheosis: Success Brewed

 Arduous  Apotheosis: Success Brewed

 Arduous  Apotheosis: Success Brewed

 Arduous  Apotheosis: Success Brewed

The Wisdom Voyage Series- Episode 6

Bright Futures: Envisioning Success at MRIS

In today’s world education plays a role of a cornerstone for societal and personal growth. In a country like India, a robust and successful education system is required to revolutionize the rapidly evolving structures for inclusive growth, social cohesion and national growth. In a rapidly changing educational scenario and the decline of conventional careers, we require an education system that adapts to evolving technologies and fosters essential 21st-century skills for modern survival. It is important that minds of young generation are nurtured holistically rather than being trained monotonously. Preparing the young generation to cope up with strong mindsets and evolving technology is the primary motive an educational institute should have.


Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood is one of the top schools in India which is committed to envisioning a bright and successful future for its students. This suggests that the school’s priorities extend beyond merely achieving academic success. Instead, it places a strong emphasis on fostering students’ comprehensive growth and equipping them for their future pursuits. The growth of each student’s intellectual, psychological, and physical abilities is strongly valued by the school. A diverse curriculum that encourages inventive thinking, efficient interpersonal interaction, and the growth of a solid personality is used to achieve this. The school also integrates multidisciplinary projects.

Integration of technology in the routine teaching-learning process to enhance the learning experience is preparing our students for the digital age. With Future skills and sustainability being part of its curriculum, Introduction to Coding, Robotics and other STEM focused activities are introduced at early stages to foster innovation and problem-solving skills.

Manav Rachna, recognized as the best international school in Faridabad, offers a comprehensive education that extends beyond academics. It employs a multi-faceted strategy to introduce students to a wide array of extracurricular pursuits, including sports, arts, music, debating, coding, and more. This approach enables students to discover and nurture their interests. These activities encourage participation in clubs and organizations that align with students’ interests. It is First in India to adopt Mediashala as part of curriculum. With this, Manav Rachna has set up another dimension of exposure to all aspects of journalism, photography, vlog making and advertisement or short movie shooting.

With a strong parent connect, the school not only values the inputs of the parents but also involves them in sessions for exploring various subjects post Grade X and career options post Grade XII. It organizes regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss students’ progress and growth. It hosts workshops and seminars for parents to understand their role in supporting their child’s holistic development and collaborates with various local and national organizations to provide community service opportunities for students. The school’s efforts extend beyond its immediate campus to contribute positively to the local community through initiatives like community service, environmental projects, or partnerships with organizations at Domestic, National and International levels. In alignment with United Nations Sustainable Goals, Manav Rachna International School, which is the top school in Faridabad, provides the platform to get certification directly from UNESCO with online courses on sustainable goals.

We offer a blend of 22 subjects to students seeking admission in Grade XI giving them an independent choice to choose the subjects based on their aspirations and opted career choices.  It works on the principle of exploring, trying and succeeding. Students are given ample opportunities to try out various subject combinations till they settle for the best fit based on psychometric analysis and customized career guidance. It provides career counselling services that help students explore their interests, strengths, and potential career paths and Organizes workshops on resume building, interview skills, and job market trends. It integrates skill development programs to enhance students’ problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Ranked as the top CBSE-affiliated school, it is the first choice for the students seeking admission in Grade XI and direct admissions in Grade XII. It not only helps the student settle in the new environment but also provides all the required assistance for migration and registration for public examination. Along with implementation of curriculum and assessment plans suggested by CBSE, it adopts multifarious ways to assess and evaluate the students’ knowledge along with the traditional assessment systems with the aim to promote a more comprehensive and ongoing assessment plans in which project-based learning is highlighted with the application of knowledge in real-world situations, and formative evaluations. This change has lessened the focus on memorizing and fostering a better grasp of subjects, developing students’ analytical and critical thinking skills which goes very much in sync with the National Education policy.

The school holds a strong focus on preparing students for success beyond school for which it offers a well-structured career guidance program, counselling for careers, socio emotional and mental wellbeing and skill development catering to the needs of changing academic and career paths to help students transition smoothly to higher education from schools.

Being the best school in Faridabad, it alludes to the integration of modern technology and innovative teaching methods to equip students with the skills they’ll need in a rapidly evolving world. It strives hard to prepare its students for success in a globalized world that could involve international collaborations, exchange programs, and a peek into global cultures. Student exchange programs, visits to international schools and universities and experiential learning facilities in form of field visits, workshops, internships and career exploratory visits in India and abroad provides it an upper edge over the traditional educational set ups. School not only facilitates the students to prepare for universities and colleges within India and abroad but also in creating a stronger portfolio with opportunities for industry internships and summer schools.

It not only recognizes and celebrates the academic and non-academic achievements of the students but also fosters a positive and motivating environment.  It identifies and supports the students with specific needs through personalized education plans and implementation of inclusivity. Each student is taken care of with respect to its needs and growth with differentiated teaching learning practices. Guidance and support being integral part of its functioning provides the required ambience catering to needs to all students providing equal opportunities to its students with different needs, cultures, areas of interests and aspirations.

Attaching photographs in the order given below:

  • Gurmehak- Grade I Expression

Gold medallist in English, EVS and Math Olympiad

  • Nethra Ramakrishnan Grade XI-Zonal Gold Medal, Rank-1, Cash prize Rs. 5000/- and IEO International Rank 6
  • Pragnay-Grade VII-(IMO-International Maths Olympiad) Zonal rank-4, International rank-5 Zonal-silver medal and cheque of Rs 1250/-
  • Pratul Mishra of Grade VII has bagged the 3rd position in the 7th International Scratch Olympiad
    JEE Advance Result:

Name of the student and rank:

  • Abhinav Kumar: JEE adv rank – 2707
  • Arnav Agarwal: JEE adv rank- 7946

Our students have made the country and school proud in The World Robotics Championship. The World Robotics Championship is conducted by All India Council For Robotics & Automation (AICRA) and the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt of India every year . This year a total of 1300+ teams participated from 20+ countries. The Water Rocket Challenge was won by our students.  They won medals , trophies and a cash prize of Rs.60,000.

Participants for this competition were : Hridyansh Bhatt, Shrika Nambiar, Samraat Rana, and Mentor- Amaan ul Rehman.

In conclusion, our exploration of the possibilities awaiting you at MRIS paints a clear picture: it’s not merely a school but a launchpad for bright futures. It cultivates the seeds of potential through innovative teaching, dedicated educators, and a thriving community, allowing students to excel and realize their dreams. Remember that success is not merely a final goal; it’s an ongoing journey. Keep your dreams bright and your ambitions high, and let MRIS be the catalyst for turning your aspirations into a beautiful reality.

Authored by: Ms. Jyoti Singla, Senior Wing Coordinator & PGT Physics, Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood, Faridabad