We are gradually marching ahead with tips and tricks shared by the mentors of Manav Rachna International Schools for the CBSE Board Examination, Session 2022-23.  In this post, the mentors of MRIS Mohali and MRIS Sector 46, Gurugram Faridabad, have shared their acumen with their anxious students for the Social Science 10th Grade paper.  Team MRIS VIBES is doing its best to make the Board Exams seemingly interesting and easy to sail through… All the Best!~ Editor



Social science leads to the overall development of the personality and is a subject which requires smart and wise study techniques. You do not have to focus on rote learning but understanding , analysing and justifying the content will work better for you in getting good grades. Do not count the number of chapters, but focus on how to cross the hurdle. Always keep feeding your brain with positive thoughts of you can do it.

  • The Subject code for the Social Science Class 10th Board examination is -087. There will be theory- and map-based questions in the Social Science Exam.
  • The paper will be based on theory of 80 marks and 20 marks of internal assessment.

Detailed pattern for the Social Science Exam

  • There are six sections in the question paper: A, B, C, D, E, and F.
  • The exam’s question paper contains 37 questions.
  • Every question must be answered.
  • Section A has 20 MCQs of 1 mark each.
  • Questions from 21- 24 are Very Short Answer Type Questions in Section B, and each one is of two marks. Each question’s answer shouldn’t be longer than 40 words.
  • Questions 25- 29 in Section C, are of the short answer type and are for 3 marks each. Each response must not be longer than 60 words.
  • Section D – Questions 30 to 33 are of the long-answer type and are for 5 marks each. Each question’s answer must not exceed than 120 words.
  • Section-E questions 34 – 36 are case-based questions with three sub questions, each for four marks.
  • Map-based Question No. 37 in Section F carries 5 marks and is divided into 37a from History (2 marks) and 37b from Geography (3 marks).

Some simple tips to be followed while preparing for the Grade X  Board exam are as follows

1 . Analyse the sample paper carefully

Try to find out the chapters under the four subjects (geography, economics, history, political science ) that requires more attention and make your blueprint to study smartly .

  1. Make your own web charts with key words

For each chapter make a web chart in reference to the NCERT book with the key points and keywords so that the answers can be built around the keywords .

3 . Map work to be done according to the list provided by CBSE along with syllabus

  • Section F of the paper is Map work for 5 marks
  • 2 marks for history and 3 marks for geography.
  • History map is to identify places on the outline political map of India.
  • Geography map is to locate and label places. The map work for geography should be done state wise, for example if I pick up the state of Gujarat – Kakrapara  nuclear power plant, Gandhinagar software technology park, Kandla seaport, Sardar Sarovar Dam have to be marked in Gujrat according to the Board list. So, after marking these 4, we will move to the next state on the west coast of Maharashtra.

4 .  Read the NCERT book thoroughly

The MCQ questions can be framed from any line in the chapters.

5 .Utilize the reading time wisely and make correct choices

  • Section A of the paper consists of 20 MCQ Questions
  • Section B consists of the 2 marker Questions
  • Section C consists of 3 marker Questions
  • Section D is the 5 markers
  • Section E is the case studies.
  • Read the questions carefully, especially the assertion and reasons and table-based questions. Make the correct choices in questions where internal choice is given and attempt only those for which you are confident.

6 . Attempt the paper section-wise

  • Attempt all the questions given in one section together.
  • Do Sequence wise. This is important. Leave space for the question, after marking if you do not know the answer, and move ahead. This manages time. Come back to it in the last.
  • Mark the Sections properly in your answer sheet.
  • Leave space for an answer if you need some time to recollect.
  • Write the correct question numbers and the give a heading for the part chosen in case of choice questions.
  • Start from the long answer questions section first, so that, you can cover more marks questions in the starting and do not panic in the end. But mark it properly. Always attempt in sequence.

Presentation Tips:

  1. Make pointers:

Writing the answer in points is the first point to remember. You should write in points rather than paragraphs. This will enhance the appeal of your work and ensure that you receive the highest possible grade.

  1. Underline all the keywords in the answer :

All the keywords used from the NCERT book should be underlined in the answer and the paper should be presented neatly so that one look at the paper gives a fair idea to the examiner about the quality of the answer.

  1. Do all the map work on the map and attach firmly with the answer sheet :

Map work should be done with a pencil and the full complete name of the place written on the map and not a, b, c for both History and Geography.

  1. Leave proper space between the answers and revise the paper thoroughly :

Neatness in presentation adds value to the content.

Simply add these suggestions to your existing list of techniques.

 Stay  calm and cool .

Do not panic.

Everything that you have read remains somewhere at the back of your mind.

Stay focused and your brain will work like an automatic switch and the answer shall be recollected in few minutes .

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Author: Ms. Namrata Natt, Senior Coordinator Primary Wing, History PGT, MRIS Mohali and Ms. Poonam Budhiraja, HOD Social Science, MRIS Sec-46, Gurugram.