Self-Efficacy: The Most Important Ingredient of Success Mantra

As we gradually tread towards the culmination of our Self Belief Channel, we feel it is important to discuss how we can heal the torn confidence and self-esteem of our students trying to achieve and make their dreams live. A student’s self-esteem can be damaged by unreasonable expectations, and every student finds the Exam period to be difficult. Nonetheless, excessive anxiety could impair their exam performance. ‘Blank-outs,’ or memory lapses that  demotivate them. For many students, test anxiety, or a lack of confidence, is the main problem with exams, even after months of preparation and weeks of revision. While understanding the subject matter of the exam is  crucial, the real secret to success is in your capacity to mentally prepare yourself so that you can do well and brag about your knowledge.

One of the most significant aspects of Manav Rachna International School is to create an engaging learning environment to build students’ confidence as they lose motivation to learn if they begin doubting themselves.

The belief that one can accomplish a specific goal or outcome is known as self-efficacy. Higher self-efficacy students are more likely to be inherently motivated and take on difficult assignments. These students will work hard to achieve their commitments and will blame failure on things they can control rather than external causes. Self-efficacious students recover fast from failures and are more likely to attain their personal goals. Conversely, students who have poor self-efficacy are more likely to view challenging assignments as threats that should be avoided because they think they can’t achieve and are therefore less likely to make a conscious, persistent effort. As a result, low self-efficacy students have low expectations, which can lead to underwhelming academic results that bounce back on themselves. So let us see how to achieve self-efficacy.

Manav Rachna International Schools, being the top CBSE schools in India, believes that certain classroom setups and teaching methods might boost students’ self-efficacy. The focus is on evaluating students’ capacity to acquire and understand information in a way that makes them unaware that they are taking an exam, as opposed to examining their understanding of what they have studied from the books. Monitoring in the classroom, real-world problem-solving, competency-based assessment, and excursion scheduling are some of the methods used to evaluate students’ learning. The main objective is for students to establish a healthy competitive spirit among themselves, without ever comparing themselves to one another.

Apart from these pedagogies, the use of electronic apps and collaborative learning by Manav Rachna International Schools, the best International School, have demonstrated a favorable association with elevated levels of self-efficacy among the student community.  All teaching strategies that demonstrated a quantifiable positive impact had one thing in common: they engaged students in a relaxed or imaginative way. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that pedagogies like inquiry-based learning and collaborative learning strongly correlate with students’ learning outcomes. We believe that all these aspects help us in acing CBSE Examinations.

At Manav Rachna International School, we believe that confidence is a magical substance. It is beneficial to take chances, take on challenges, and make difficult choices. You can achieve goals that were previously challenging when you have self-confidence. It’s like having an ability that transforms obstacles into gold. Consider a student who has a surprise exam or is getting ready for a major exam.

By drawing on their inner confidence, he may calm his anxiety and concentrate on the task at hand, as opposed to panicking and feeling overwhelmed. Self-assurance can be compared to a personal radio that is set to the success frequency. It can assist students in converting difficult projects and presentations from intimidating barriers into doable tasks.

We understand that being confident does not equate to being perfect or all-knowing. It all boils down to believing in your own ability and enduring adversity. So, harness the power of confidence and see how it transforms your academic path into a successful one!

We must recognise that progress is a strong indicator of learning and development in our pursuit of greatness. Every action performed, every challenge surmounted, and every tiny triumph merits praise. We create an environment where effort, resilience, and continual improvement are valued by turning our attention to celebrating progress.

We at Manav Rachna International School,  the top CBSE school, believe in effective stress management strategies, so that our students, during exam period can be calm and focused. We focus on planning and organizing, time management skills, practicing health management techniques, and helping them to build positive relations. At Manav Rachna International School, we firmly think that students learn about emotions in the classroom and effective coping mechanisms. Children may need to be taught about the many emotional states, how to recognise and classify them, and useful coping techniques. The school is fully equipped to guide and teach students in a range of courses and interests. All of this aids in children’s development of coping mechanisms and a better understanding of complicated emotions.

The MRIS clubs and societies of MRIS Schools provide for each learner’s need to improve problem-solving abilities and creative self-expression. The purpose of clubs and societies is to link academic knowledge with real-world applications. As a part of the foundational domain, they are formed. Our life skill education seeks to empower, support, and streamline the co-scholastic and related sections in order to effectively promote the welfare of children and adolescents. By honing these skills, our students gain psychosocial capabilities that enable them to behave constructively and adaptively in order to successfully negotiate the demands and difficulties of everyday exam life.

Hence we believe that with ongoing CBSE Board Exams, a student’s repair and healing of self-respect is a Must. The potion to healing is concocted with counseling, and enhancing self-esteem, where the littlest efforts of the child must be lauded and every small emotional scratch should be bandaged! CBSE 10th Board Exams is the first Hurdle that a child crosses in his or her educational journey and we prepare our students for this! Let us pray together and wish all students walking on this journey to be successful!


Authored by – CBSE Mentors, Manav Rachna International Schools, Faridabad, Noida, Gurugram, Mohali, Ludhiana.