Alumni Speak – Sector 14, Faridabad

Navya Adlakha, As a Artworker

Navya Adlakha Alumnus of 2018 achieved éclat, as her artwork was exhibited at EY Gallery, New York, US from 27 th May, 2022 to 29 th May, 2022. Navya dipped her brush in the essence of her soul and painted her way to a marvelous threshold of success.

Nasir Khan, became the youngest Sarpanch of the village, Bijopur

Nasir Khan, Alumnus MRIS-14 (class of 2012) at just 21, became the youngest Sarpanch of the village, Bijopur. He was born and brought up in Haryana, with the vision to maintain literacy and hygiene for all and was bestowed with the ‘Uccha Yuva Shikshit’ award on 21st Jan 2018. Hailed as a modern-day Sarpanch, he gained online and offline media attention as a MTV Ace of space-2 contestant in 2019.

Sameeksha Sethi (B. Sc Economics, University of Leeds)

Manav Rachna International School is truly a playground of education. My experiences at school will always be evergreen in my memory. I am grateful to my mentors for teaching me and helping me become a better person. I learnt how to become a leader, a better human being and an excellent student. Organising Manav Rachna Model United Nations conference as the Director-General and becoming the Head Girl are two events which I’ll never forget as they instilled confidence, strength and determination within me – all with the support of my peers and mentors. The school provided the best of everything to me –be in terms of academics, sports or co-curricular activities; there’s definitely nothing more I could’ve asked for. At MRIS Sector-14, the entire faculty takes care of students as their own children and is always there to guide you. Now whilst I’m studying Economics at the University of Leeds, I look back and proudly recall all my memories. My school enhanced my vision beyond my imagination by making me realize about the world full of endless opportunities. I believe in myself to give my best because my Principal, Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa, always encouraged me to participate in everything and strive for success, which made me realise my true potential. I cannot express how grateful and thankful I am and will be to MRIS for helping me become who I am today.

Anila Bansal (Founder & CEO of Pehchan Faridabad – News and Media Company)

MRIS gave me a chance to push myself for things I was really great in. My senior years of school were the golden days which taught me how to exceed in life as well. I am proud to be a part of MRIS Clan.

Dr. Shivam Madan (Doctor by Profession, Completed MBBS in 2019)

MRIS-14 has always been like a family to me and I owe a lot of my life’s achievements till date to them. From providing us with the best education, they also taught us to be better human beings. They not just nurture students of today but they are also shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

I am so proud to be an alumnus of MRIS and express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone at MRIS for giving such a strong foundation to our careers and our lives.

Gauri Manchanda (Youngest commercial pilot at Spicejet)

I was a student of Manav Rachna International School from 8th to 12th standard. The Management at Manav Rachna is very helpful and supporting. The School had conducted many workshops during my high school that helped me discover my passion, and lean towards it. We also had trips to Manav Rachna University to discover different fields, and spend one full day in a college. During my 12th class, I was guided by my Class Teacher, Mrs Kavita Sharma, not only were we provided with extra classes, but extra practice test separate test series. All this was an extra effort from teachers, who helped me and inculcated in me the importance of hard work and discipline. These attributes from the very early stages have helped me to excel in my professional life by becoming the Youngest Commercial Pilot at SpiceJet, at the age of 19 yrs and gaining my Commercial Pilot License within a span of 8 months from the USA.

Dennis Dhiman, Marine Engineering Officer

My Gurukul, ‘Manav Rachna International School’ is an epitome of excellence and transcendence. Being a part of this institution for almost half a decade, the school had my back, be it moral or educational. From learning simple disciplines to guidance in solving complex mathematical calculations, I always relied back to my school ground. Our esteemed faculty members whom I call my Gurus have selflessly passed on each and every bit of their knowledge to every student. The constant mentoring and guidance given by them cannot be remunerated in any possible way. They are the ones who kept us motivated and showed us the pathway to light at the dark tunnel. Holding up was not only limited to academics but I also learnt how one’s hard work can help us to hone the leadership qualities, understand the power of authority and time management skills. I’m proud to say that due to this mentorship, I was elected as the Prime Minister of the school. And I once again hold my head up high to say I’m a professional Marine Engineering Officer. Without a fail, I would also like to acknowledge my mentor, my dear Principal, Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa, who always stood by my side, supporting me; who managed to achieve the high standards and great reputation of our school. The friends, the staff and the teachers gave me a lifelong compendium of great memories and I’m very thankful to my school for literally everything I have achieved and the person I have become.