Middle Wing


MRIS, Mayfield Gardens believes that curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning, lit with an intellectual channel to the decision making capabilities in learners to be the world visionaries of tomorrow. Complying with mandates of NEP, the school has been focusing on harmonious and inclusive education, inculcating not only theoretical knowledge to learners but also providing equal opportunities with a blend of technology in education.


Fostering a world of Holistic Development through Conscious Learning 

Young adults and adolescents today need the most guidance and support to truly come into their own. They not only need active engagement in learning and knowledge-building, but they also need constant social stimulus to help them build stronger connections that allow them to bolster their communication skills, confidence and creativity. Our focus at Manav Rachna International School, Mayfield Gardens, is on creating an environment that’s conducive to their holistic growth and development through these tender and often challenging years. 

This is essentially what our Middle School Pedagogy is built on. The wheels of change in the educational patterns are ostensibly visible in strengthening the pedagogical goals by laying additional emphasis on the 4 c’s of 21st century skills that is:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking 
  • Creativity


A Tradition of Excellence with a Vision for Tomorrow

A platform is provided to the young adults to experience leadership opportunities which in turns help them to learn the art of building relationships defining identities and achieve task effectively. 

MRIS primarily focuses on moral values through collaborative activities and make them the Glocal citizens. The school emphasizes teaching the concept of being pro- active and having an analytical mindset by building a sense of responsibility.

The cornerstone of our Middle School philosophy is to enable our students to develop the essential skills required to become successful adults in the 21st century – not only academically but also socially and emotionally. 

We, at MRIS-51, provide a secure environment where excellence is driven by values, oriented towards shaping dynamic and confident personalities, the school exemplifies the fortification of learners’ capacities in tandem with modern practices.

Essentially, our Middle School is focused on creating a magical environment for our young students in which they not only excel academically or in extra-curricular activities, but one that helps them feel truly fulfilled, happy and energized to take on the challenges that lie ahead of them. 

The Middle School philosophy is focused on fostering an environment that treads the fine line between creating happy young adults who are capable of flourishing into successful achievers capable of managing any stresses or challenges that life is bound to throw at them.     


Soft Skills and Life Skills 

Mindfulness is an extremely powerful tool for Middle School students to feel calmer, better understand themselves and their aspirations, and interact fruitfully with their peers. Mindfulness is also important for building their critical thinking, cultivating resilience and the ability to self-soothe.  We at MRIS, ensure priority to mental health and well-being (MHW) that encapsulates academic and non – academic knowledge induced with fun and happy elements to make a learning a highly productive and enjoyable exercise and experience for students. It is a matter of great pride that our school has been awarded with PLATINUM BAND in the MHW school rankings 2022 along with the top schools/ boarding schools across India for achieving excellence in transforming people and prioritizing the well-being of our students and faculty.


Digital Campus

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”

To simplify the complexities and leverage the efficiency in educational related activities, MRIS-51 has smoothly incorporated the digitalization in school.

Smart classroom, boards and projectors give students authentic, rich, and diverse learning opportunities. Availability of laptops to each teacher helps her in easy lesson planning and scheduling in collaboration with the modules aligned with the curriculum. Digitalization of Lesson Planning and Scheduling module enables a teacher to meet the educational standards and opens a vast arena of Curriculum initiatives. Campus digitalization has helped the students to explore and experience boundaries beyond reach through Virtual Reality Zone and Exploratorium.

Audio-visual modules are blended in the curriculum to make the teaching –learning experience interesting and fruitful. The ICT support, internet facilities online helps to Create customized reports to track student performance and profiling. It combines the comfort of a traditional lesson planning and the ease and convenience of the web to teach smartly in the standard classroom.

Skolaro is a hands on example Campus Digitalization in MRIS. From following the student’s attendance to viewing of upcoming events and extra-curricular activities can be tracked on this portal. Sending SMS’s regarding transport, holidays, events are all a click away to access. Parents can check grades, attendance, Exam schedule, evaluation, question bank and reports digitally.

Digitalisation of Library is designed and developed to assign, search, and circulate all library collections including books, documents, kindles etc. The system keeps track of the library circulation data including media issue, return and reservation by the student.