Community Outreach Program

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Community outreach is an initiative by the Clan Vertical ISR team of our school, designed to help and encourage disadvantaged members of the community. At the same time, it instills the importance of cultivating an awareness of human circumstances and differences that extend beyond the students’ classroom experiences.

Our students are regular visitors at the Government Girls school at Badshahpur, Gurugram. We promote language development, spoken English skills and festival celebrations. Our students along with the teaches try to share the best practices in the government girls schools to ensure that they too can be a part of the teaching methodology being followed at MRIS-46 and benefit out of it.

Our students of primary wing are involved into various activities to reach out to the communities in their own small ways. Visit to various charitable organization for street children, helps them redefine the idea of kindness. The interaction with the underprivileged and distributing goodies to such organizations gives our students an ability to sense the true meaning of being kind.

Our students learn the National Anthem in sign language to understand the difficulties faced by the physically challenged people and understand the need for inclusiveness for them.

It is a ritual at MRIS-46 that we make our students express gratitude towards didis, guards, conductors and drivers serving the school. It is important that children recognize the role of community helpers and are able to give due dignity to their hard work.

These various out of the classroom experiences have helped our students grow and become more responsible. With these basic values of respect, empathy, compassion, etc, we nurture our children to become responsible citizens of the future.