Workshops by the AET of MRIS Central Office

Gearing up for the next academic session well in time, the Academic Excellence Team of MRIS Central Office has conducted several workshops in the months of December, January and February on Phonics, Learning Centres and Guided Reading for Grade 1 Teachers. As the words of the Members of Academic Excellence Team, Central Office, Manav Rachna International Schools, will testify, the workshops helped guide the Teachers towards a more child-centric approach to learning so as to enable them to create a more conducive environment for the child.

Ms Monica Mukherjee: “The Learning centre approach is increasingly being recognized and encouraged in higher education as an effective ‘learner –centric’ method of instruction. Thus Manav Rachna is extending this methodology from Early Years to the Primary Grades. This approach not only engages the Multiple Intelligences of the child in learning but also transforms the teacher from passive ‘givers’ of information to effective facilitators of child empowered learning.”

Ms. Neetu Blest: “Children learn best when their desire to acquire skills is supported by the environment. Learning Centres give this kind of environment which allows a child to experiment, investigate, discover and express freely.”