Principal’s Message – Noida, Sector 51

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It is my honour to lead the most vivacious and strenuous school that offers a variety of platforms to the young students. Our vision is to create better human beings along with enhancing the required 21st century skills of our students. The curriculum that we follow provides opportunities to the students to enhance their confidence, thinking abilities and capabilities to accept global challenges.

At MRIS we take pride in saying that we are an institution which is compassionate, safe and has inclusive spirit. We set extraordinary ethics and expectations for our students and support them to achieve higher goals.  

Every new entrant is provided with a buddy to ensure that he/she feels safe and has a sense of happiness and belonging. As we have relatively small groups per classroom, it creates an atmosphere where our students feels comfortable and at ease, thereby connecting them effortlessly with the teacher. We ensure that our students develop into mature, happy and responsible adults with strong ethics and value system.

As my personal introduction, I am a concupiscent educator. I gave up a promising corporate career in law to become an educator. Over the last 22 years, I have held several senior positions at various international schools and management consultancies in India and abroad in addition to being a senior corporate trainer. I have received several awards from various prestigious institutions like Assocham, Times of India, Education Today, Brainfeed etc, but I believe that my greatest award is when I see my student entering the school smilingly. 

I would conclude by ensuring you that I am always accessible to each and every student, teacher and parent of my school and I look forward to welcoming you to ensure the best standard of education and personal development for your child.