Trick or Treat- Halloween is Here

Halloween is an international festival which is celebrated every year on 31st October.This festival was celebrated in the school by the Pre Primary children to make them aware of the various festivals that are celebrated around the world.

A halloween party was organized for the little ones where they  came dressed as various characters related to halloween like ghosts vampires,bats,monsters and pooled in various food items like scary sandwiches, cakes,chocolates,biscuits,waffers which they bought from home,to incorporate the value of sharing is caring.

Principal Ma’am and Anupama Ma’am added a cherry on the cake as the children very enthusiastically scared our very sporting Principal Ma’am. Later they finished their fun filled day by watching animated movies like Casper-the animated ghost and Spookley-the scary pumpkin and went back home very happily with their spooky bottles.

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