Students spent a day with the CEO of Lemon Tree Hotels

The students from Grade XI and XII were all set to meet the CEO of Lemon Tree Hotels, Mr. Patu Keswani recently. This idea gave wings to the enterprising students to explore the field.

The students were given a detailed overview of the company. They walked in and around the Hotel with the Vice President of the brand, Ms. Aradhana Lal. They were briefed about the features and initiative for inclusion at both Lemon Tree Premier and Red Fox Hotel.

An hour long meeting with Mr Patu Keswani, the CEO of Lemon Tree Hotels, was indeed eye opening and broadened their vision. The true understanding of an inclusive set up gave birth to new ideas.

The various heads of departments of the company guided the students about the company’s growth and its functions.

The young entrepreneurs-to-be were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the various aspects of the field to outshine their abilities in the coming future.