“Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of human spirit.”- Stefan Banach

In an attempt to rekindle this spirit, Math Quiz was organized by MRIS Noida for the students from Grade IX-XII. It came as a welcome change from the routine as students had a fun-filled and friendly competition with their peers.

The competition was divided into various segments like logical reasoning, famous mathematicians and their achievements, and basic formulas and concepts.

The highest scorers of the event were Akshita Choudhary (Grade IX), Pritika Haldar (Grade X), Ayaan Sehgal (Grade XI), and Aryan Jain (Grade XII). The online competition was a teacher-paced and teacher-monitored event with all measures implemented to make it fair. The cursory aim was to make it fun-filled and enjoyable. Teachers carefully crafted questions that not only ignited students’ minds to think but also gave them areas to ponder upon even after they were done. In the words of one of the participants, “We thought it will be just like a test but surprisingly it was not. I remembered some old concepts, applied some in record time, and also quizzed out the achievements of mathematicians. I am surely going to further explore logical reasoning as it was very gripping. I hope to participate in more such events.”