CREST Assembly (Module 2 and 3)

The students of Primary Wing at the school celebrated their CREST journey of the session through an assembly for Module 2 and 3 on September 15, 2018. The little ones who just stepped in from Pre-Primary to the Primary Wing learnt about Family and Community they live in and got the information on Ancient Greece. They walked the ramp enacting like kings, queens and fairy tale characters. Their foot tapping dance and melodious song made the audience travel through the Medieval Ages.

Students of Grade – II explored tropical rainforest and ancient people of Central America the Maya. They showcased the glimpse of flora and fauna of rainforest, lifestyle and culture of the Mayans through their enthusiastic presentation. Grade – III students exhibited all about China and Middle East. Students of Grade – IV gained knowledge about Ancient Greece.  They were acquainted with Greek Gods and Goddesses, toured the Parthenon, and explored the depths of the Minotaur and Colossus of Rhodes. Students of Grade – V learnt about Roman Gods and Goddesses. The captivating biography of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

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