Makershala @ MRIS Mohali

The life skills curriculum at MRIS Mohali is carefully designed to provide opportunities to children across grade levels to mainstream 21st century learner skills and content knowledge through the soft skills as well as technical skills curriculum. While the soft skills curriculum builds values, effective communication and thinking skills, the technical skills curriculum incorporates knowledge and application of computers as well as the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills in the Makershala. While working on projects, students develop and put to use thinking skills, practice the scientific method, and learn crucial life skills such as collaboration, cooperation, leadership, negotiation, time management, resourcefulness, initiative taking, decision making, inventiveness, critical and creative thinking, as well as positive behaviours and attitudes towards working on challenging problems. What the students learn in CREST.

Our Skill Lab houses a project based learning curriculum through which students explore fields like electronics, programming, carpentry, aero-modeling, architecture, design, and robotics. Children develop skills needed in 21st century. During these training sessions students build projects/working models and apply concepts they learn in their core subjects like science and math. This program is run in a state-of-the art-lab established in schools. The program’s objective is to first build in learners at the primary level a basic set of competences and use these while designing solutions or testing hypotheses in the senior classes. The SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME is a one-of-its-kind programme for the holistic development of the child. The Junior Technoplanet Lab with the support of MRIIC trains students in STEAM, the latest approach in modern education. In middle school, students have wider choice to pick from 3 broad skills – IT SKILLS (Robotics, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence), CORE ENGINEERING SKILLS (Aero-modeling, Electronics, Mechanical, Carpentry), and AUDIOVISUAL SKILLS (Photography, Film-making, Advertising and Media, Graphic designing, Digital designing). These skills enable students to get an overall view of several streams and are supported by the Career Development Centre.