What’s more valuable than oil? It’s our soil!

Soil is the Soul of the Earth. Conserve it.

Whenever you think of Edification, Manav Rachna International School, Mohali, the ‘Playground of Education’ ensures that sustainability is a part of every child’s educational experience.

When we teach our children about the importance of growing plants which is undoubtedly quintessential, how can we forget to educate them about soil? So keeping this crucial aspect in mind the little ones were taken to the school nursery to have a closer look at and feel variants of soil.

This activity was planned to coincide with the ‘World Soil Day’. The children were shown different kinds of soil samples. They felt their textures and pointed out the similarities and differences between various kinds of soil. They were then demonstrated how before sowing seeds, the soil is plowed and softened to facilitate the growth of the saplings.

Overall, it proved to be a fruitful and enlightening experience for the little ones.