Summer comes with a bagful of opportunities for students to learn new things. We at MRIS, Mohali believe in harnessing all opportunities to enhance our literary skills. Keeping this in mind, a virtual 5-day Language and Literacy Summer Camp was organized for French and Punjabi for students of Grade VI to VIII.

The school had an objective to make students feel connected to the language and also to profit from the extra time available during vacations. The idea of the camp was to channelize the passion of the students for the language and also, to capture the gaps in the understanding of the basic grammar concepts of the language. Many brainstorming activities were conducted like crosswords, mind games, descriptions etc. The focus of the learning was “Interactive Learning by Associating”, which is primarily art-driven.

The keen learners participated enthusiastically and got a chance to enhance their language skills by understanding the nuances of the language and learning its correct usage.