Pyjama Party

Unicorn Pyjamas, soft pillows and loads of fun and frolic! Cherry on the cake: Grab your favourite toy too!

With this thought in mind, a “Pyjama Party” was organised at MRIS, Mohali for class Nursery and Toddlers. Both the children and teachers made the best of it, dressed up in their night dresses and grabbed their favourite soft toy for a sleep over with their best friends.

The Play area was transformed into a haven of moon and stars with bedding to go along with the decorations. The children played games, crossed the tunnels, to reach their den and tried to sleep along. The children were thrilled about creating an array of shadows using a torch, safely competed in pillow fights and enjoyed their favourite snacks!!

The motive behind organising the Pyjama Party was to assert independence among children and to develop social connections and be able to sleep without their Mommy. Some enacted out their mothers while they make them sleep at home and some sang their favourite Lullaby.

Principal Ma’am, Ms Taruna Vashisht, was cheerfully a part of the the Pyjama Party, which brought all the more smiles on the children’s faces.

2018-05-16T17:16:25+05:30May 16th, 2018|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|