MRIS Mohali, in all its majesty, rejoiced and celebrated Baisakhi today.

Amidst the rich harvest, across the lush greenery, Baisakhi has arrived!

The students were welcomed with the beats of the dhol. It was a pleasant sight to see our little students performing Bhangra as the campus reverberated to the beats. Colourful attires and smiling faces adorned the school as the students and teachers got together to do some Bhangra and Gidda. A role play was enjoyed by all.

The students were apprised about the significance of Baisakhi and the other harvest festivals of the country. Ms. Taruna Vashisht, Principal highlighted the relevance of the sacred festival and encouraged the students to evolve into good human beings.

At MRIS Mohali, every festival is a Celebration!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Baisakhi!

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