“Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of a child, they are a security blanket throughout a lifetime.”
To honour them, MRIS Mohali celebrated the ‘Grandparents’ Day’ with great zeal and zest. Grandparents being the best storytellers were invited as ‘Guest Speakers’ to have a sneak peek into the online sessions of their grandchildren. They were in high spirits while sharing the virtues of life and stories with the young ones.
In return, our small wonders left no stone unturned to express their adoration for their grannies and grandpas by making lovely cards and craftwork for them. It was heartwarming to watch how these little ones had so much to express when it came to their grandparents.
The facilitators were left spellbound when children participated enthusiastically in yesteryear indoor games which were virtually played on the spot by the all.
Indeed, it was another joyful celebration that left everyone overwhelmed with the warmth of those who have silver in their hair and gold in their hearts!