Commemorates Mother’s Day 2019!!

MRIS Mohali raised a toast for all the mothers of the school students. The mothers were invited to ‘Mommy Moments’, an event to celebrate and honour motherhood. Among the noted guests, the event was attended by Ms. Kamin Bedi, a counsellor and special Educator; Ms. Veena Bhardwaj, Registrar, State Consumer Commission; and Ms. Paromita, a Global HR Professional.

The celebrations started with a make-up master class by Ms. Tanvi Goyal, a makeup artist and a parent, encompassing all areas of makeover and make up hacks to enhance our looks and to look our beaming best. Another workshop was conducted on baking by Dr. Asheena Batra, a baker and a parent, who trained all the mothers in the nuances of baking, including the choice of flour, baking powder, and ingredients that lead to a perfect cake.

Principal MRIS Mohali said that “Mommy Moments was organised not just to celebrate Mother’s Day, but to make the mothers feel special. Mothers are the pillars of one’s family and it is all the more essential for them to take out quality time to groom themselves and take care of their health and family.” She thanked all the mothers for being a part of the Mother’s Day celebration.