Assembly on Labour Day by Grade 8 students

The students of Grade 8, MRIS Mohali conducted a special assembly on the occasion of Labour Day. The assembly began with a short speech highlighting the significance and background of Labour Day across the world, followed by a skit sensitizing the audience on the importance of appreciating people for their hard work.

To encourage, motivate and inspire the young learners towards hard work, dedication, and commitment for various library events, a felicitation ceremony, in the category of trivia stars, riddle masters, star readers and Olympiad position holders was also organized. The young achievers of various shooting and golf tournaments were also awarded during the event. As a gesture of gratitude, the students served breakfast to the support staff of the school. The children of the Early Years wing too expressed their gratitude towards their nannies and housekeeping staff with handmade cards filled with words of praise.

Principal MRIS Mohali, Ms. Taruna Vashisht said: “We must be grateful to all those who are instrumental in the accomplishment of our daily tasks. We must treat our subordinates, juniors and helpers with respect, love and care each day.” She also added that “Hard work and dedication should be acknowledged and appreciated”.