The Virtual Platform of MRIS, Ludhiana bore a festal outlook as the three-day event- ‘Meraki’ came to its culmination. MRIS Ludhiana has proved that amidst the chaos, one can find an oasis; amidst the turbulence, one can find the calm; and amidst the pandemic, a vent out, which was required for the children who were certainly taken aback by the boredom and mundane life they had been facing off late during the lockdown. Hence, MRIS, Ludhiana organized a mega event in which 2700 students participated across the country. The event was a profusion of various edifying and innovative competitions including Karaoke, Podcast, Retro Dance, Role Play, Fascination and Imagination, Ad Lib, Zen Tangle, Paper Craft, Photography etc.

The event began with an opening ceremony wherein live extempore was conducted. The children elucidated on the theme: ‘Abstract ideas/ Idioms or Proverbs’. Some of the thought-provoking topics given to them were Free water vs Free Oxygen, Zero, Embrace the chaos, Beauty is an attitude et al.

‘Meraki’ was concluded on a resplendent note with the felicitations to the various judges and e-certificates to the winners. The panel of judges comprised distinguished and renowned people across genres: Mr. Dipin Raj, a versatile musician; Mr. Hardeep Arora, Founder of Maven Ms Plus Size India and a talented Fashion and Dance Choreographer; Ms. Bindiya Sood, owner Bindiya Sood Dance Academy; Mr. Viraaj Rai Singh, Director Studio Bir and United Picture Company; Mr. Amit Bansal, Director of Horizon Institute; Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal, a renowned wedding and food photographer; Ms. Poonam Kishore, a multitalented miniaturist; Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Microbiologist Department of Biosciences, Manipal University Jaipur; and Ms. Neha Kalra, Owner, The Sweet Rush, Mr. Mike, Ms. Moumita, Ms. Supriya, Ms. Monika Yadav, Ms. Akansha, Ms. Jolly, Ms. Vinci, Ms. Deepti, Ms. Anjana, Ms. P Singhal, Mr. Mallick, Ms. Sonika, Ms. Iqbal, Ms. Anamika, Ms. Neetal, Ms. Kalpana, Ms. Mumtaz, Ms. Shubhangi, Ms. Vandana, Ms. Puja Verma, Ms. Pranita, Ms. Neha, Ms. Payal, Ms. Ruchika, Ms. Rishu Kalra, Ms. Saru Ramesh , Ms. Shaveta , Ms. Kiranjot Kaur, Ms. Navneet and Ms. Savita. A mind-boggling Bhangra Performance stole the virtual arena with its colorful hue and vibrancy.

The parents and judges expressed immense gratitude and reverence for making them a part of this fantabulous event. They narrated how their children had been working behind the scenes for the various competitions and the kind of novelty they underwent after a long time. In fact, the students from various schools of Punjab and other States reported the adrenaline rush they experienced after a while. The event concluded with an earnest speech by the worthy principal, Ms. Anju Dhawan who appreciated the efforts of all the participants and the evaluators. She also thanked her team and the entire faculty of MRIS schools who contributed to making ‘Meraki’ a ‘Kefi’ for everyone.