100 Days of Kindergarten

Today the Early Years wing at the school, celebrated ‘100 days of Kindergarten’ with a lot of enthusiasm.

To mark the celebrations, the children made their own headgear, and sunglasses in the shape of 100. It was heartwarming to see the efforts put in by the parents in dressing up their kids in accordance with the given theme: ‘100 Things on You’.

Various other activities were conducted too, like 100 reasons why we love our school, filling empty bottles with 100 objects, 100 hugs, 100 words related to things found in school and 100 steps in which the children compared distance covered by each one of them.

A collaborated activity was conducted by the little ones where they invited everyone attached with Early Years to create a huge formation of the number 100. The kindergarten children along with all the Early Years teachers, nannies and helpers were a part of this fun activity.