MRIS Mohali firmly resonates with the vision of Dr O P Bhalla Foundation that ‘Nobody should sleep hungry.’

Keeping up with this spirit and to mark the remembrance anniversary of our Founder Visionary, Late Dr O P Bhalla Ji on September 16, 2021, 501 kg of raw grains collected by the staff and students under the initiative ‘Ek Mutthi Daan’ was handed over to 'Prabh Aasra - Home for Helpless Mentally/Physically Disabled, Orphan [...]

2021-09-20T12:02:31+05:30September 20th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

GTEA recognizes as the Best Online Education Platform

MRIS Mohali has been acknowledged and awarded as the Best Online Education Platform by Global Teaching Excellence Awards 2021. The school team was appreciated for their endeavours of making students a lot more successful and capable by being a constant support to all of them, keeping education a priority during the pandemic, and working hard [...]

2021-09-09T19:12:11+05:30September 9th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

MRIS Mohali among the finalists of Toycathon 2021

Team from Manav Rachna International School, Mohali was one of the finalists among the 1500 teams all over India for Toycathon 2021 organized by the Ministry of Education in association with AICTE to encourage the educational institutes, teachers and students to develop learning toys or games based on any difficult concept in any of the [...]

2021-08-27T12:36:22+05:30August 27th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

4th Edition of India Calling – Satat Bharat

MRIS Mohali organized the 4th edition of its Pan India Event, India Calling, with ‘India Towards Sustainable Development’, Satat Bharat, Prakriti Ki Aur Badhte Kadam as the major theme recently. Though virtually conducted, the event witnessed massive participation in a gamut of all competitions which it offered to students from Toddlers and Nursery to Grade XII. [...]

2021-08-26T16:15:23+05:30August 26th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Budding Golfers of MRIS Mohali are ‘Official Qualifier for Flogas Champion of Champions’

Budding Golfers of MRIS Mohali, Ojaswini and Rabab have bagged First and Second positions respectively in ‘Official Qualifier for Flogas Champion of Champions, Ireland 2022’ in category D held recently at the Forest Hill Golf Resort, Chandigarh. Ojaswini has also exhibited excellent performance and bagged First position in D category ‘The 5th Tee Box pro-am [...]

2021-08-13T17:40:47+05:30August 13th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Van Mahotsav Week 2021

MRIS Mohali celebrated Van Mahotsav Week from July 1-7 wherein students participated in a gamut of activities that help restore nature, heal mother earth and keep our surroundings and environment clean. Children were familiarised with different ways of composting paper and sowing seeds, through the ‘Green Seed Paper’ activity. They created unique designs, shapes and [...]

2021-08-03T13:28:38+05:30August 3rd, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Poem Composition Competition 2021

The Queen’s Club at MRIS Mohali organised ‘Poem Composition Competition’ to celebrate 25 successful years of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions. With an appeal to ‘Revive Nature’, students from Grades IV-X presented a self-composed poem on various sub-themes under ‘Sustainable Living’, like renew, reuse, recycle, hygiene and well-being, climate, hope, etc. All participants were applauded and awarded certificates.

2021-07-22T10:43:46+05:30July 22nd, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

“Climate Change and Sparrow Conservation” webinar 

An engaging and enriching webinar was hosted at MRIS Mohali under the theme "Sustainability" recently. Mr. Rakesh Khatri, popularly known as the Nest Man of India, shared his experiences with the students and conducted a hands-on session creating a nest from easily accessible materials. He motivated children to always strive to achieve their goals and [...]

2021-07-19T17:32:15+05:30July 19th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

International Day of Biodiversity 2021

The middle and senior wing of MRIS Mohali observed ‘International Day of Biodiversity’ via a virtually conducted session dedicated to awakening the youth to the cause of biodiversity. The students had an enriching and enlightening experience during their virtual tour to the mesmerizing beauty of our planet, Earth. They were also shown an informative video [...]

2021-06-10T22:41:53+05:30June 10th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Virtual 5-day Language and Literacy Summer Camp for Grade VI to VIII French and Punjabi students

Summer comes with a bagful of opportunities for students to learn new things. We at MRIS, Mohali believe in harnessing all opportunities to enhance our literary skills. Keeping this in mind, a virtual 5-day Language and Literacy Summer Camp was organized for French and Punjabi for students of Grade VI to VIII. The school had an objective [...]

2021-06-09T19:24:34+05:30June 9th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

MRIS Mohali honoured with ‘COVID Times Peace Prize’

MRIS Mohali has been honoured with 'COVID Times Peace Prize' by Yuvsatta and CREST- Chandigarh Administration, as a part of the Positivity & Brotherhood Campaign-‘हम होंगे कामयाब'. The school was among the Top five Schools of the Tricity chosen for their focus on 'Promoting the Power of Positivity' even during the present pandemic times. The [...]

2021-05-25T18:23:25+05:30May 25th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Symposium for students

The Queen’s Club at MRIS Mohali is creating opportunities for the overall development and grooming of the children. The club recently organized Symposium 2021 for the students of Grade VII-X. With its sub-themes being quite pertinent to the present day scenario as ‘Is India ready for the third wave of Covid 19 pandemic?, The Pandemic [...]

2021-05-24T23:12:45+05:30May 24th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

World Hypertension Day 2021

Students of Grade IX & X of MRIS Mohali held a special session to observe and mark World Hypertension Day. The students shared the theme and brief information about this day and also demonstrated measuring blood pressure accurately with Digital as well as Mercury Sphygmomanometer. They also talked about the importance of yoga in overcoming [...]

2021-05-20T12:51:14+05:30May 20th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Parent-Educator Conference for Grade II-V

Parent-Educator Conference is the way to make a difference in the child’s education as it enables to bring new positive changes and attitudes in a child to focus on their priority. Parents of Grade II-V, MRIS, Mohali met with the class in-charge and the Coordinator virtually in the first PEC of the session and designed [...]

2021-05-20T12:14:34+05:30May 20th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Students celebrated National Technology Day

On the occasion of National Technology Day, students of Grade VI at MRIS Mohali attended an interactive and informative session highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of technology. Keeping in line with this year's theme "Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future", children indulged in educational games such as 'Recycle City' learning about optimum ways to [...]

2021-05-17T12:18:05+05:30May 17th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

MRIS Mohali commemorates the legendary poet – Rabindranath Tagore

The Middle and Senior wing at MRIS Mohali organized a special session to commemorate the contribution of Rabindranath Tagore. Students of Grade VIII (Kalam) offered their obeisance on Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti by remembering and reciting his most famous and distinguished poems, like ‘Waiting’, ‘Where the mind is without fear', and ‘Endless Time’, etc. The children [...]

2021-05-16T23:12:15+05:30May 16th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Students of Grade II-V celebrated World Laughter Day

Students of Grade II-V celebrated World Laughter Day with the motto of spreading happiness not only in their lives but all in their vicinity especially in these tough times. Students cracked jokes and discussed about the importance of laughter. They even imitated their favourite comic characters which brought giggles on all faces. Keep laughing and [...]

2021-05-17T12:54:32+05:30May 4th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Students of Grade VII created a 3D layer of Earth

We, at MRIS Mohali, are constantly looking for ways to foster curiosity and a love of learning in our children, regardless of ability or history. With a focus on STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), and positive children’s mental health practices, our goal is to foster resilient and healthy minds. Learning about [...]

2021-05-17T13:34:15+05:30April 24th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Panel Discussion on ‘Today’s Woman: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities’

To honour womanhood, Manav Rachna International School, Mohali celebrated International Women’s Day with a Panel Discussion on the topic ‘Today’s Woman: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities’ on campus. The panel consisted of a scientist, a doctor, an IT entrepreneur, a banker and an educationist. Supermoms of MRIS students shared their take on how they promote work-home [...]

2021-03-10T10:41:49+05:30March 10th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Ms. Monika Mukh received the ‘Best Librarian’ Award

Ms. Monika Mukh, Librarian at MRIS Mohali received the 'Best Librarian' Award by Sidra Bahuudeshiya Vikas Sanstha, a government registered society, which provides support to extraordinarily talented people in all fields. The organisation also works for the betterment of humanity and society. Ms. Mukh expressed her gratitude to the organisation for recognising her contribution in [...]

2021-03-10T10:13:53+05:30March 10th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

SBI Sports Fest

State Bank of India organised its two-day first sports fest post lockdown for all the SBI officials in collaboration with Sportsaga and Manav Rachna International School, Mohali recently. Employees from all branches & local head office of SBI participated in different sports activities like badminton, carrom, table tennis, chess & cricket. The response was so [...]

2021-03-04T13:25:50+05:30March 4th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

First Sports Fest of Tri-city

Manav Rachna International School, Mohali in collaboration with Sportsaga and Round Table India organised the first sports fest of tri-city. U-10 & U-14 kids as well as corporate employees from Infosys, Root Analysis etc. participated in different sports activities like badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis & cricket. Lawn Tennis: Diven Birania lead by 3-0 in [...]

2021-02-15T19:00:59+05:30February 15th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Budding Golfers of MRIS Mohali!!

Once again Kindergarten brigade of MRIS Mohali bagged various positions during the 'Greens to Glory Junior Golf Tournament' and 'Indian Qualifier for FGC Callaway world Championship' by FGC International 2021, California, USA, held at Forest Hill Golf and Country Club. Gairat Kaur Kahlon bagged the 1st position and our star golfer has also qualified for [...]

2021-02-11T18:20:33+05:30February 11th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

“Inspire your Heart with Art” Day

It was a day to immerse ourselves in a session bespeckled with Art. Students of Grade VI-IX of MRIS Mohali celebrated "Inspire your Heart with Art" day with great zeal and energy. "Rhythm and Saaz" was a musical presentation in which students played beats with everyday items. Dance presentations saw two students tap their feet [...]

2021-02-09T17:04:08+05:30February 9th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

International Safer Internet Day celebration

Treat your password like a toothbrush. Don't let anybody else use it and get a new one every six months - Clifford Still. Keeping this in mind, students of Grade II-V at MRIS Mohali celebrated International Safer Internet Day. Students understood the cyber safety rules by watching a video and then, attempted a quiz to [...]

2021-02-09T16:17:51+05:30February 9th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Kindergarteners bring laurels from ‘First Forest Hill Open Golf Championship’

Kindergarteners of MRIS Mohali once again brought laurels to the school by bagging various positions during the ‘FIRST FOREST HILL OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP’ held recently. Gairat Kaur Kahlon bagged the 1st position and Aatreya Pant bagged the 2nd position in the championship. Heartiest congratulations to the winners and their families!

2021-02-06T11:03:00+05:30February 6th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

MRIS Mohali observed Martyrs’ Day

MRIS Mohali observed Martyrs' Day to honor the sacrifices made by Mahatma Gandhi and countless other brave Indians. The students and teachers paid homage to Bapu by reciting poems in his memory and also enlightened the audience and attendees about his contribution to making India free from all evils and other external forces.

2021-02-02T11:10:17+05:30February 2nd, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Virtual Crusaders

"There are always new, grander challenges to comfort, and a true winner will embrace each one"- Mia Hamm Keeping these words in their minds, our students participated in the event 'Virtual Crusaders 2020' held on December 19, 2020 organized by Gurukul Global School, Chandigarh. We are privileged to share Ruhin of grade 5 bagged 1st [...]

2021-01-04T10:56:32+05:30January 4th, 2021|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Ambassador of the Code Bharat community

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Taruna Vashisht, Principal, Manav Rachna International School, Mohali, has been selected as Ambassador of the Code Bharat community. Code Bharat has joined hands with Government of India to build India’s First Digital Community dedicated to the STEM Education. Through this initiative of Code Bharat, we are also creating [...]

2020-12-25T12:57:58+05:30December 25th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

National Mathematics Day 2020

National Mathematics Day was observed at MRIS Mohali to mark the birth anniversary of the great mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Enriching sessions showcasing the history and importance of Mathematics were held for the students of the senior grades. Students whole heartedly participated in a brain-tickling quiz and were very inquisitive about the lives of great mathematicians [...]

2020-12-25T12:16:44+05:30December 25th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

English Teacher honoured with Global Digital Teacher Excellence Award’ 2020

Learning is an eternal practice at MRIS Mohali. The school management envisions and endeavours to create great thinkers and learners, therefore the school campus always buzzes with accolades and awards. Recently, Ms Shikha Sondhi, English Teacher, was honoured with Global Digital Teacher Excellence Award 2020, by Global Digital Academy, a unit of CK International Business [...]

2020-12-25T11:54:33+05:30December 25th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|


Ms Namrata Natt from Manav Rachna International School, Mohali won the most prestigious GLOBAL TEACHER AWARD 2020 from INDIA. She received her award among other award winners from nearly 110 countries in the world's biggest mega Virtual Award Show on 20th December 2020.

2020-12-25T11:43:02+05:30December 25th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Decoding Study Skills

MRIS Mohali organized an enlightening session on "Decoding Study Skills" for students of grades 6 to 9 on December 14, 2020. Mr. Nitesh, an IIM alumnus and Cambridge certified trainer, elaborated on concepts like 'the memory model' and 'metacognition' and motivated students to think about what they are thinking. Students enjoyed unraveling the Zeigarnik effect [...]

2020-12-17T15:21:36+05:30December 17th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Human Rights Day 2020

Human Rights Day was celebrated in MRIS Mohali by organizing a special session for the senior students of Grade 9. Awareness about Human Rights was spread by a speech delivered by a student followed up with an informative discussion. A quiz was also conducted to check the awareness of students about human rights motivating them [...]

2020-12-11T14:10:26+05:30December 11th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Indian Navy Day Celebration

Students from 2-5 of MRIS, Mohali, salute to the brave hearts who guard our waters on the occasion of the Indian Navy day Indian Navy Day is celebrated every year on December 4 to commemorate the might of Indian Navy. The students shared their knowledge of the naval fleet and the 360-degree Virtual Reality Tour [...]

2020-12-07T17:13:15+05:30December 7th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

International Day of People with Disabilities

MRIS Mohali held enriching and informative sessions for students of grades 8 and 9 to mark the 'International Day of People with Disabilities'. Students were made aware of specially abled people and they were motivated to research about inclusion and inclusive practices. They presented their thoughts beautifully and showed their readiness and optimism for a [...]

2020-12-07T16:55:16+05:30December 7th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

Pollution control day 2020

'National Pollution Control Day' is observed on December 2, 2020 each year to raise awareness among people about the effects & problems of pollution that we are facing every day. In order to make our students  acquainted of this sensitive issue, students of grade 2-5 made their own ‘Pollution Catcher'.

2020-12-03T14:09:56+05:30December 3rd, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|

National Unity Day Celebration 2020

It is truly said ‘Unity reveals its meaning itself; It reveals the togetherness of people. 'National Unity Day' or Rashtriya Ekta Diwas is celebrated every year on the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on 31st October. Walking on his footsteps, students of Grade IV and V at MRIS Mohali celebrated this day with great enthusiasm [...]

2020-11-05T16:56:40+05:30November 5th, 2020|Latest @ MRIS Mohali|