“The greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else is saving it.”

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed. We at MRIS, Ldh believe that the upcoming generation should be made aware of their role and responsibilities so that they turn out to be an asset to the world. On the occasion of ‘World Ozone Day’, students were made conscious about the pressure the human race is putting on Mother Earth. The CREST facilitators briefed the students about The Ozone layer and its importance. They also discussed various reasons behind the Ozone depletion and suggested various solutions in making Earth a better sustainable planet.

Students tried various hands-on activities in playing their role as the protectors of the planet. Kids of Grade III got a chance to create innovative headgears having the drawing of the actions they’ll be performing like buying eco-friendly products, planting more trees, recycling etc to reduce the pollution. The students of Grade IV and V added to their knowledge by watching videos on Carbon Foot print. They realised their role in adding the amount of carbon in the air. They even came up with some innovative ideas to reduce carbon footprint like reducing the use of Air conditioners, using public transport and minimising the use of compressed air cans which add on to harm the ozone layer. They listed their ideas in the form of a colourful craft named as REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. While performing this activity, they executed their ideas in a splendid manner. It was an enriching and memorable experience for all the students which will make them aware of their role as responsible citizens.