Welcome Assembly After Summer Vacation

People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
People will remember how you made them feel! -Maya Angelou

MRIS, Ludhiana  reopened after Summer Vacation on July 2. A Special Assembly was held by the teachers to give a hearty welcome to the students.The Assembly commenced with the blessings of the Almighty. It was followed by a peppy live Guitar Playing session by Professional Instrumentalist Mr. Gagan Behl and his team.The twinkling eyes and the glimmering faces of the children was worth a sight. They were speechless on receiving such a surprising welcome.

Teachers were  exuberant too, to take the lead in giving a red carpet welcome to the students. An enactment of the story entitled ‘Pride hath a fall’, was performed by the teachers of  the Primary wing. It left everyone with the message of being careful of one’s conduct and behaviour. Also, a mellifluous group song was sung by the teachers to give a special feel to the children.

Principal Dr. Rupali Saini gave a heartwarming welcome speech and expressed that the lifeless campus came back to life with the children coming back.To tune children back to the system, Dr. Saini played a stimulating game with grade IV to X students. The game was based on better concentration and enhanced listening skills. It invigorated everyone present and warmed them up for the happy restart. Hence, an animated and lively aura was set for the entire day.

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