Tiny Tots Organized One-Day Trip to HANGOUT

MRIS, Ludhiana organizes regular trips for students to promote learning through outdoor interactions and experiences. With this thought, a one-day trip was organised for the students of Nursery, KG & Grade-I to ‘HANGOUT’, Ludhiana with an objective to impart practical knowledge and hands-on experience to the little ones in addition to the theoretical know how. Such trips teach them the most valuable lessons of life in relatively less time.

The unique rainforest theme décor and the fascinating toys amazed the budding minds. Exciting and bumpy rides tickled their senses adding joy to their day. They relished the snack meal with their buddies and teachers followed by a sumptuous ice-cream.

Exposing children to new experiences arouses their curiosity about the world around them. Hence, we give them opportunities to encounter things they only get to read about, encouraging them to explore and learn about what lies beyond the four walls of the school and gain confidence to take on the world. The young learners didn’t just witness things around but it was an experiential of bliss. It was a wonderful experience and an opportunity for the facilitators and young learners to bond with each other.