Shopping in the Supermarket

“A person buying ordinary products in a supermarket is in touch with his deepest emotions.” -John Kenneth Galbraith

We, at MRIS strongly believe that teaching and learning activities should be conducted to promote positive attitude towards the young learners. Keeping this in mind, Supermarket fun activity was organised for the tiny tots of Toddlers. The little ones got an opportunity to shop vegetables, fruits and other grocery items of their own choice. This was an enthralling experience as they gained knowledge and understanding of healthy and active lifestyle. This activity helped children to develop self-management and intrapersonal skills as they explored the opportunity to make their own decisions and choice to buy things as per their will. During this role play, Children were provided with fake money and debit card to make their purchase from the Supermarket. A debit card toy machine was installed to make them understand the role of ATM machine in our day to day life. Altogether it was a fun filled learning as the students were acquainted with the numeracy skills and its applicability to human life.

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