Organized Insectomania for Nursery kids

Whether it hops, crawls, runs, wriggles, slithers, grows from the ground or lives in water….man needs nature!

Children are naturally curious about their world and enjoy exploring their surroundings. The tiny tots have inquiring minds and are eager to know the happenings around them, and their immediate environment. Insects are one of the factors that fascinate kids.

Keeping this ideology in mind, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organised ‘Insectomania’ for Grade Nursery. Children were made ‘Entomologist’ and were given magnifying glasses to get a better view of the insects.  Five different insects were introduced each day such as caterpillar, spider, grasshopper, ladybug and earthworm in their learning centres. Some interesting facts about each insect were shared with the little ones. The curiosity of the tiny tots was evident as they eagerly participated in the Insectomania activity.

Through exploration and observation, the kids realized that insects aren’t something to run from. They are the crucial components of many ecosystems, where they perform many important functions. Altogether, a week-long Insectomania activity was full of fun and learning for the little ones.