One-day Trip to Rangla Punjab

“Experience, Travel—-These Are Education in Themselves” -EURIPIDES

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organized a one day off-campus trip to “RANGLA PUNJAB” that helped the Grade-II, III & IV children revive the splendour and simplicity of the days gone by. The children got to experience the grandeur of rich Punjabi culture and heritage.

The authentic culture at Rangla Punjab recreated with cuisine, crafts and culture is one of its kind in the true sense which came alive with the festivity, frolic and laughter.Children saw an enthralling performance exhibiting the traditional folk dances of Punjab, Kathputli Show-where not just men, the puppets are also skilled to entertain. They were seen flaunting their dance moves with sheer grace and flexibility.

This trip offered a peep into the rural Punjab— where Children enjoyed Jadugar Tricks that made them forget about ‘illusion’ and got them thinking about ‘magic’! The show did not have the grand theatrics of a stage but it left the incredible essence of the effect of magic.

The young learners did not just witness the creation of exquisite art, it was the experiential of immersing their hands in soft clay and allowing senses to give shape to art. It was an experiential of bliss. Khoo diya Tinda-A décor masterpiece, took the children to the world of their ancestors back in time and instilled a yearning for living the ‘pind’ life. Haar-Shingar di Hatti- displayed an array of colourful, artistic traditional artefacts from Punjabi jutti’s to phulkaris.Punjab Da Julaha (Weaver)-An aged-man helped all to revisit the golden era of Punjab by demonstrating live weaving of khadi cloth. Bhand-Bhands the traditional performing artists tickling the funny bones of Punjabis since generations mesmerised the children with stories, dialogue delivery and sheer presence keeping them spell-bound and in a riot of laughter!

The children had a deep insight into the Punjabi lifestyle. It was a wonderful experience and an opportunity to discover the real form of Punjab and its culture.