Observed Rural Punjab on a trip to ‘SADDA PIND’

“Field trips are a great way to bring excitement and adventure to learning.” – Amber D. Walker

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana keeps making consistent and constant efforts to provide ample opportunities to the students to benefit from experimental learning. It is a proven fact that learning is enhanced by getting hands-on experience. A one-day trip to “SADDA PIND” brought excitement and adventure to learning. A well–planned trip was an ideal way to introduce new skills and concepts to the children for the students of Grade V-X. The trip helped children connect with the heritage of Punjab and reconnect with their roots; understand the traditions & the values of their culture.

The authentic village at Sadda Pind recreated with cuisine, crafts and culture is one of its own kind Punjabi Village in the true sense which came alive with the festivity and frolic, lights and laughter, colours and celebrations. It was like a real life village fair where one could learn traditional art or create a masterpiece. For the keen observers, Sadda Pind was a great opportunity to explore and understand the skill, process & creativity behind each art.

This trip offered a peep into the rural Punjab. There was a ‘Sangeet Ghar’ with traditional folk musical instruments such ‘tumba’, ‘algoze’, ‘chimta’, ‘dhol’, ‘nagara’, ‘gagar’ etc. were displayed. Phulkari Juttis, clay toys,durries, utensils and agricultural implements were some of the traditional arts showcased there. The premises had pictures of legendary Punjabi artists.

SADDA PIND had beautiful mud houses, lassi being churned, a woman singing a soulful melody, a youngster breaking into a joyful bhangra where one could experience the authentic culture, colours and flavours of Punjab in one place. Children got a chance to explore the traditional north Indian or authentic Punjabi cuisine at Chayyee Ji da vehra and Daar Ji da Dhaba that offered an A la carte menu as well as traditional thali.

It was an experience of lifetime that promises to transport it to a spectacular bygone era. Such trips are certainly the reflection of School’s effort of ensuring holistic development of all the students and preparing them for life.