“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

An engaging activity ‘Leaf Skeleton’ was conducted for the students of Nursery at MRIS, Ludhiana during their Virtual Sessions. Skeleton leaves are beautiful sculptures and are often used in craft, decoration and other purposes.

The students excitedly participated in the leaf skeleton imprint activity wherein they dipped the leaves in a bowl filled with water which was changed regularly. In around two weeks, the students were able to extract the pulp from the leaf. With the involvement of the energetic mothers and guidance of their mentors, children removed the pulp with the help of brush out of the leaves and observed the delicate vascular structure. They were amazed to catch the sight of various parts of leaf like Midrib, Vein, Leaf Apex.

The facilitators expressed their gratitude to the parents for their support and optimism which led to the successful completion of the activity. The activity was an elevating understanding and learning for the kids. Parents appreciated the school’s effort for incorporating such enriching activities in the curriculum. It was a stimulating experience for the little ones through which they could evaluate that leaves also possess skeleton-like human beings.