Know the Farm Animals… Activity

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. – WHITNEY MANDEL

To apprise the Toddlers about the significance of farm animals, an activity was organized at MRIS, Ludhiana. During the activity, children got an opportunity to create their own booklets with respect to farm animals. Day one started with discussion of a ‘cow’ during circle time. The facilitator informed the toddlers that cow gives us milk, and we get various products from milk such as curd, butter and cheese. They were also briefed about the habitat of cow, their eating habits and how one should take care of these domestic animals.

Above all, kids created beautiful sheets by using different medley of colours and techniques of painting skills like dabbing, tearing & pasting etc. Similarly, other animals like sheep, dog, hen and rabbit were discussed during circle time with the facts and an eye-catchy booklet was created by these tiny tots. On the culmination day, kids got a chance to explore all the animals by feeding each one of them with the food choice of the particular animal. Such activities help children to collect information, connect and share their learning. Altogether, it was an exciting and magnificent experience for the little ones.