KG Graduation Ceremony Session 2018-19

“Graduation is an exciting time. It is both an ending and a beginning. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future”.

Today we stand proud of a new beginning, as our little ones move forward from Kindergarten to Grade I. These little ones who received their first diplomas will be our future high school graduates, moving forward to yet another new beginning in their life chapters. The school organized “Graduation Ceremony” for the students of KG recently. The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal Dr. Rupali Saini followed by the enchanting of Gayatri Mantra.

The Pre-Primary students adorned in the convocation capes walked the stage. The smiling faces were welcomed by rapturous applause from the audience as they received scrolls of merit on the dias from the school Principal.

Nursery students performed on peppy numbers and left everybody spellbound with their mesmerizing performance. Vibrant music, dance, breathtaking colours and highly coordinated movements promptly set the tone and mood of the atmosphere. Their energetic booming and clapping coaxed the audience to sway to its lively beats.

Congratulating the parents, Principal Dr. Rupali Saini said “I recently saw a quote that said-‘From tiny seeds grow mighty trees’.” She said that within these children we plant tiny seeds each day. We plant seeds that we trust will help our children grow into strong trees. In order for the little children to grow into strong adults, we must water them with hope, kindness, love and good child centric education. She assured that the MRIS team will continue to nurture the little ones as they grow here at MRIS, Ludhiana. Her invigorating words enlightened the audience.

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