Inter-House Hasya Kavita Competition

To encourage students to read and love poetry, Hasya Kavita Competition was held at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana recently. Inter-House Hasya Kavita Competition saw great enthusiasm and zeal by all the participants and houses. The audience was mesmerized by the jubilant and humorous self-written poems which were a pleasure to listen to. The Hein’ Humorous topic giving the message of today’s happening in the society such as ‘Mobile Ki Maya’ and ‘Main Aur Mera Computer Aksar Ye Baten Karte Hein’ were selected by the clans. The competition brought cheers on each and every face. It was a pleasure to watch the little ones recite the poems so confidently. They enthralled the judges and the audience alike by their expressions and perfect voice modulation.

Students of all the clans gave a tough competition to each other. The students of Wild Cats presented the topic splendidly and were announced the winner of the competition.

 Speaking on the occasion, Principal Dr. Rupali Saini said it was a harmonious blend of Humour, confidence and message to the society where each one comprehended in their own manner, swaying the audience to cackles of laughter and deep reverie whenever required. She congratulated the mentors and the participants of winning clan and motivated all the other participants appreciating their efforts.

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