Hands-on learning experience to the young learners

‘Science is Fun’ Activity at MRIS-Ludhiana

“Science is simply the word, we use to describe

A method of organizing – Our curiosity.” – Tim Minchin

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana believes in providing hands-on learning experience to the young learners. To make science a fun-filled learning experience & to instill love for science in them, ‘Science is Fun’ Activity was organized in the school premises for the students of Nursery to Grade III.

A plethora of science experiments were conducted, considering the age, level and the attention span of the young learners. Basic and safe ingredients from the kitchen and nature were used for these experiments. To mention a few of these experiments – How different Liquids (Corn Syrup/Oil/ Water) impact a magnet/Inflate a Balloon/ Balloon Water Pump/Floating Ball Activity/Color Changing in flowers/Kaleidoscope/ Balloon powered car/Propeller Boat/Black Pepper Magic/Making of Rainbow with colorful candies etc. Children were mesmerized to see such magical moments.

Importance of the Sense Organs, Raindrop Formation, House making i.e. Igloo, Experiments with Balloons, Underwater Candlelight and many more activities were performed by students of Grade I to III under the aegis of subject expert teachers. Overall, an overwhelming response from the students colored the entire day.

With elated faces of the students, the motive behind the activity seemed to have been achieved. Applauding the efforts of the staff members and 100% active participation of the young learners, Dr. Rupali Saini expressed her views by saying “Young minds are receptive to learning if exposed early. With such timely exposures at a very young age, we can ward off fear of science among students, and it could pay in the long run.”

Children enjoyed learning cool, science trivia facts!

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