Gurupurab Celebration

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana always puts a step forward for teaching children the lessons of life and the human values which are fading in today’s society. Gurupurab was celebrated in the school campus on 22nd November, 2018. The day started with a delightful hymn, ‘Satguru Nanak Pargitya Mitti Dhund Jagg Chanan Hoya’. An enlightening speech was delivered by the student of Grade V about the significance of Gurupurab and Guru Nanak Dev ji’s teachings that the union with God is through Guru’s grace and emphasized meditation on the God’s name (Naam), to live with an inner awakening of God and an outer service by righteous means.

The students recited Shabad in the praise of the Almighty as the Shabad promulgates the unique ideology of Guru Nanak Dev Ji towards this beautiful universe. The poem filled the whole atmosphere with peace and tranquillity. The gaiety and sanctity of the occasion reached its heights when the students presented Sakhi on one of the teachings of Nanak on “Kirat Karo”.

Dr. Rupali Saini, Principal MRIS-Ludhiana conveyed her warm wishes to the students and their families. She threw light on the teachings and contribution of Guru Nanak Dev Ji towards social reforms and motivated the students to follow the path of our Gurus, who taught us to be humane and pure. She further said that principles of our Gurus replace darkness of negativity with the light of knowledge.

The overall atmosphere in the campus was devotional and blissful.