We at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana believe that every dream can be transformed into reality if we invest all our energy, focus and effort to accomplish it. The education we deliver is not confined to textbooks only. The students are provided ample opportunities to think out of the box and explore new domains of creativity. Students of Grade IV got a chance to learn about Fatehpur Sikri and explore this one of the renowned cities of ancient times through their curriculum.


Students were taken aback to learn about the history associated with it. They were amazed to know about the peculiarities which had been taken into consideration while planning the city. Motivated by the facts, the students of Grade IV designed and planned their Dream City with a wider perspective. They happily shared their creativity with the subject facilitators. It is a clear reflection of the mindset of the 21-st century generation. They are vigilant about the needs and requirements of today’s world. These children are the upholders of humanity and with this clear vision, they are definitely going to take care of the planet with a new vision adorned with positivity.