“Let’s transform learning into a happy experience”

The Crest curriculum followed at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana emphasises on inquiry-based learning. The students as active participants grab the knowledge and also explore the scientific reasons behind a concept shared to understand it to the core. The students of Grade III beautifully prepared the Edible Soil profile using the material available at home. They used Oreo biscuits, gems, cornflakes, choco chips, chocolate ice-cream, coconut flakes, kiwi and candies to represent various layers of soil which included Organic material, Top Soil, Sub Soil, Parent material and Bedrock. While performing the activity, they executed imagination in a magnificent manner and enjoyed gulping the edible soil profile after sharing their knowledge on the various layers of soil amongst the class group and the facilitator.

It was an enriching and memorable experience for all the students which will further boost their creativity, make them confident and evoke the interest in the subject. The ecstatic faces of the students depicted all the fun they had while learning.