CREST Gallery Walk

Like every year, the students of MRIS Ludhiana tried to showcase their global learning through a “CREST GALLERY WALK” in this session also.

The Students took everyone back in time to experience various cultures across the world. It was an enjoyable and fun-filled journey through the America in 1800’s, Ideas and discoveries of world, the land of rising sun -Japan, China, World of Disney Cartoons to name a few. Corners were displayed with Immigration in America in 1800s, Japan, North -West America and World of Disneyland thereby, making history come alive. The students shared the life of “Early Man” and their creations with the help of models on display.

Equally mesmerizing was the StoryTelling corner from Grade II and the presentation on journey of means of transport by Grade III gave way to fulfil our feelings on how to travel across the world. Grade II took the spectators through the land of North-West America and they discussed about the life of Gautam Buddha and the significance of the moral of Jataka tales in their lives. Their models of Desert habitat were a treat for the eyes of all present. Grade I enthralled the audience by taking them all to the World of Disney Cartoons. Everyone tried to put their hands on drawing some of their favourite cartoons and the audience enthusiastically participated in the quiz at the quiz corner laid outside each classroom.

Dr. Rupali Saini, Principal MRIS Ludhiana also appreciated and encouraged the work done by the team.